Terms of Use

Welcome to our electronic shop www.vita4you.gr! The aim of vita4you online pharmacy is the retail sale of food supplements, beauty products, organic foods, orthopaedic articles, child care articles and pharmaceuticals which, according to Greek Law, are allowed to be sold through the Internet. The online pharmacy is owned by the company ‘A. Gatzouli & Co General Partnership’ located at A. Velouhioti  33Α  & K.Karamanli 62 Street,55132 Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece. Its TIN number is 040598301. The company telephone number is +302310444422 and our email info@vita4you.gr.

The current terms of use govern the transactions, purchasing, return policy, consulting services, use of content of this website, privacy policy and transactions security of each user. By visiting or registering with www.vita4you.gr website it is considered that the present terms and conditions of use are fully accepted. Therefore, you are kindly requested to read the current agreement carefully and in case you disagree with part or the whole of it, to contact vita4you.gr. vita4you.gr maintains the right to modify the terms and conditions of use without prior warning other than a relevant publication on the site notifying the modification date.

1. Intellectual property rights

The content of this website comprising texts, drawings, photographs, logos, trade names and software, are protected by intellectual rights and belongs to vita4you.gr. It is prohibited to, without prior written consent of vita4you.gr, copy, reproduce or use (part or whole) of its content for commercial reasons. You are permitted to copy and save in digital form (only on personal computers not connected to networks) the information material and photographs for the sole purpose of personal use.

2.Restrictions on Use and Behaviour

The users are obliged:

  • Not to publish material or act in ways that may give rise to criminal, civil or administrative liability on the part of vita4you.gr. The publication of illegal, irritating, discrediting, misleading, distressing, abusive, harmful or unacceptable material of any sort is strictly prohibited. In any case, the relevant Greek and European Law and codes of practice have to be followed.
  • To provide us with their real personal or delivery address data. The password given during the user’s registration is unique and personal and in case its theft is noted, vita4you.gr should be informed promptly. In case of alteration of personal data, vita4you.gr should again be notified immediately. 
  • Not to obtain unauthorized access to material and not to save or publish material protected by intellectual rights without prior written consent of the proprietor. 
  • Not to publish material which contains any form of advertisement or promotion of products or services. 
  • Not to publish any links to website other than vita4you.gr.

 Vita4you.gr deserves the right to refuse the publication of material that does not bring into line with the its terms and conditions or that affects its interests. For the same reasons, it may delete already published material. In this case the users are kindly requested to avoid republishing the material in question. In case vita4you.gr is liable to pay any sort of compensation due to incompatible operations of a user, then the current user is obliged to pay this sum to vita4you.gr.

3. Limitation of liability

The informative contents of vita4you.gr comprising texts, photographs and videos are obtained from reliable sources and after being processed by qualified and skilled staff they are posted on the website. Vita4you.gr endeavors to ensure that this material is reliable and usable without being liable for any inaccuracies or incorrect information contained in the material in question. In case any problem is detected, the users are kindly requested to notify vita4you.gr immediately so that the current material is checked and corrected.

3.1 Products side effects.Vita4you can in no case be held liable for the tolerability and suitability of the products. It is also not liable for incidental side effects of the products because of careless compliance with the instructions and terms of use of the manufacturer, overdose or interaction with other medicinal products. In the latter situation, the liability of vita4you.gr is restricted to the replacement of the product according to the responding terms of our return policy.

3.2 Lack of products availability. Vita4you.gr disposes a dynamic range of goods of 10,000 different codes, ensuring that a great quantity of them is kept in stock. The deliveries are made within 1 to 3 days after the order has been placed. In the rare cases that an order cannot be delivered within the time limits mentioned above, customers are informed about the occasional delay timely and a cancellation or modification of their order is also possible. Vita4you.gr can in no way be considered responsible in case some of the items on our website are not available due to general shortfall in product stocks or abolishment of the marketing authorization of a product or bad weather conditions or any other reason that prohibits goods being delivered.

3.3 Inability of services provision. Vita4you.gr makes every possible effort to provide services within schedule and specified time limits. It is not, however, liable for any inability to perform service due to courier services fault or internet service provider (ISP) or internet hosting services or online payments processing provider or electricity and/or telecommunications supplier malfunction.

3.4 Malware. Vita4you.gr uses professional tools and software for the constant –around-the-clock– surveillance and security against malicious software. In no case, however, can it guarantee that the use of this website would be free of viruses and/or other harmful elements or programs. Therefore it is advisable when linked to our site to have a valid and updated antivirus product installed and activated.

3.5 Civil liability on account of lost profits. The retail sales realized account for products intended exclusively for personal use. Vita4you.gr assumes no civil liability stemming from loss of profit, reputation or customers.

4. Consumer rights

According to Guideline 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated in Greece by JMD 70330/2015, it is now foreseen the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process throughout the European Union. If the customer has the status of a consumer (ie a natural person acting out of business) and has any problem with purchasing made from our website, he/she can initiate the ADR process through the united EU-wide dispute resolution platform (platform). ADS) available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage

5. Protection of personal data

Vita4you.gr prioritizes the security of personal data. Protection of personal data is governed by National and European Law No. 2472/97, as amended by Law 3471/2006 on the Protection of Personal Data and Regulation (EU) No. 679/2016 (GDPR). For more information you can follow the link below https://www.vita4you.gr/en/prostasia-prosopikon-dedomenon/

6. Cookies Policy

Vita4you.gr uses cookies for better e-shop function, understanding your needs and provide a more complete service. For more information about the list of cookies we collect and the information they store, you can go follow this link: https://www.vita4you.gr/en/privacy-policy-cookie-restriction-mode