The content of the blog exclusively aimed at informing readers through articles, videos and quizzes on health, nutrition and beauty. Its content is formatted according to:

  • Data and results of studies with corresponding documentation, published in scientific journals (NCBC – National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health)
  • Information from high validity websites from health and nutrition organizations (WHO – World Health Organization, EUFIC – European Food Information Council, etc.)
  • Official Health Recommendations and Claims (EFSA – European Food Safety Authority, EMA – European Medicines Agency)
  • Information from Greek and foreign websites and high-reputation blogs on health and nutrition.

The responsibility for maintaining and implementing the content policy procedures lies with the editorial team of, which, in accordance with the specifications, ensures that the content of the blog is correct.

The scope, subject, range of interests as well as the exact specifications (content, size, format, bibliography, supplementary files, etc.) of the articles and the evaluation procedure through which they are accepted by the individual columnist are defined by the editorial team.