Return process

Before any return, please contact

  • Via e-mail (

  • By phone at 2310 444422

  • Completing the product return form RMA

In case the products purchased through the online store must be sent, they are sent to the following address:

Gatzouli Agoritsa Pharmacy

Aris Velouchioti 33A- Kon. Karamanli, T.K. 55132

Agios Ioannis Kalamaria



The products can be returned with the courier company that was sent from the beginning, usually with the Geniki Taxydromiki.


In case the order was received from the physical store, the return must be made to the pharmacy located at 33A Velouchioti in Kalamaria

The right of withdrawal-return of products is applied in the following cases:

Cases of return for online orders

1. Wrong consignment

In the rare cases where an error occurs in one of the order collection and packaging processes, there is a chance that the shipped products will not match the order or that there are fewer products in the order. There is also the possibility of a wrong product being recorded when making telephone orders.

All of these cases are controlled by the closed security circuit. If it turns out to be a wrong product shipment, then immediately undertakes to send the right product and cover the costs of returning the wrong product.

The conditions for receiving the incorrect product shipment are:

  • The product has not been opened

  • The product packaging has not been damaged

  • Ιmmediately inform when the order is received or no later than the next working day

In case there is no compliance with the prementioned conditions, has the right not to accept the receipt of the wrong product.

2. Defective or damaged product

If the product is received:

  • With open packaging

  • With damaged packaging

  • With a short expiration date, so that there is no required consumption time

In all these cases, the order is re-shipped and undertakes the costs of returning the defective products.

Please, the only condition that must be respected by the customer is to inform immediately, upon receipt of the order or notification the next business day.

In case a product that does not belong to the above three categories is received but there is a feeling of altered or different from the usual characteristics, then the product should be returned in order to follow control and communication with the company, which is solely responsible for its circulation.

In case the customer's claim is verified, then undertakes to send a new product without any charge to the customer. Otherwise, reserves the right to assume any responsibility.

3. Cancellation of order - Change of opinion

In case the customer receives an order and wishes to return one or more products, then the customer undertakes the return at his own expense. Then receives and controls the products and undertakes to return the corresponding amount in the corresponding way that the payment was made.

The conditions for the return and acceptance of the products are:

  • The return must be made within 14 days from the date of receipt

  • The package must not be opened

  • The products and the packaging must be in good condition 

If the returned product is associated with a gift, then it must be returned with the product and the specific gift.

Please check the products before opening them. Refrigerators, baby milk, and food, orthopedic and anatomical items cannot be accepted.

Return of purchase from the physical store

In case the purchase of the product was made by the physical store, the return must be made to the pharmacy located at 33A Velouchioti Street with 62 K. Karamanli in Kalamaria.

A prerequisite is tο bring the receipt, the date of which must not exceed 14 days.

The same conditions, which are applied to the return of products to online orders, are applied to purchases from the physical store. Please check the products before opening them, refrigerated products, baby milk and food, orthopedic and anatomical items cannot be returned.

The refund process at the physical store is carried out in the corresponding payment method that the customer had chosen when purchasing the products.