Corporate social responsibility

At we believe that a company’s development is in line with the well-being of the society in which it is integrated. For this reason, our contribution to the community as a whole is one of our top priorities!

Through the message "Always here for you", we express our commitment to contribute to our community and remain dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility activities, with a focus on society and sports!


We believe that the quality of life of the groups that need us should be a moral responsibility for us all, and that all together and everyone apart can leave our mark on this endeavor!

We are thus supporters of the systematic work of the organization "The Smile of the Child", supporting its action by providing medicines for children with specialized treatment, but also by donating money, which come from online orders at

We support the voluntary work of the non-profit organization "Ark of the World", we take care to provide, in times of need, all the necessary medical and paramedical products to facilitate the daily life of children.

We contribute to the charitable work of the Elderly Care Unit "Estia Papageorgiou", offering, depending on the need, health products to a portion of people in real need of socio-economic support.

We also support the action of the Nonprofit Association "Action for Something Else" by offering pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical material and we urge you all to help us in this effort!


At we are actively involved in sports! That is why we often take part in and contribute to sports organizations such as racing (marathons, semi-marathons) and mountaineering, cycling and more. In addition, we have been supporting young athletes for many years, providing nutritional supplements and equipment for their training.


We recognize our responsibility towards the environment! At we maintain an environmental policy, supporting the value of recycling with the use of recyclable materials.

In addition, with environmental awareness and sensitivity, we organize environmental activities, such as voluntary coast cleaning, tree planting, etc., with the collective participation of the team of "Vita4you". In this way we express our interest in the protection of the environment.


Feeling the need to support the effort of the Organization «The Smile of the Child» , on September 10, 2020 we made a monetary donation of 3,200€. This amount came from the electronic orders over 50 € received by Vita4you, during the period 01/04/2020 until 31/08/2020. For each of these orders, the offer amount was set at 0.25€.


We are supporters of the Voluntary Non-Profit Organization for Special Care and Protection of Mother and Child, "Ark of the World", which fully cares for vulnerable children and supports single-parent families with financial and social difficulties.


We believe that the environmental awakening begins with symbolic actions! On July 12, 2020, we carried out a voluntary tree planting in Arnaia, Chalkidiki, as a sign of respect for the environment and expansion of the greenery of the area. With our symbolic action, we enhanced the natural environment by planting 25 new trees.


We actively support the action of the Elderly Care Unit "Estia Papageorgiou", which has as its vision the coverage of the basic and spiritual needs of the elderly.


At the same time we support the action of the Non-Profit We also support the action of the Nonprofit Association "Action for Something Else" by offering parapharmaceutical material to people in need!