Ways to get rid of mosquitoes

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Everybody loves summer, but no one loves mosquitoes and gnats. They are the most undesirable summer visitors that make their appearance at the end of spring when temperatures start to rise noticeably. So, here are some simple ways to avoid unwanted bites.

Mosquitoes repellents for adults

There is a wide variety of insect repellent products and in various forms such as spray, roll on, emulsions, wipes or mousse. They contain either plant extracts or chemicals substances. Although mosquitoes nets with plant extracts are more friendly to the skin, they are unable to protect against insects such as tiger mosquito and they usually have mild action. Depending on the needs and sensitivity of the skin, you can choose the one that suits you most.

Mosquitoes repellents for infants and children

It is advisable for young children to have no direct contact with insect repellent products as it may be caused irritation to their eyes and face skin. As there are no mosquito nets for babies, it is advisable to apply them to baby’s clothes so that they are protected without direct contact to the skin. A good choice is to use mosquito stickers and bracelets, which do not require instant contact with the skin, but they do protect your child for a long time.

Insect repellents for rooms

If you don’t want to put on your skin insect repellents products, then you can have mosquitoes repellents for rooms. They protect you and your family for as long you wish, while mosquitoes are repelled from entering the places you live.

Essential oils

Another very good and absolutely natural solution that can replace the use of mosquito repellents, it is the use of essential oils in room perfumes and candles. Essential oils that can repel mosquitoes are those of citronella, lavender, basil, vanilla and mint oil.


A very good solution is also to plant basil, lavender and mint in your balcony. Place pots with basil and mint outside your windows. For lavender, you can drain its flowers and have them in small trolley pouches in the opening of door and window.


  • Avoid to water the plants and garden in the afternoon.
  • Prefer yellow light bulbs for outdoors.
  • If you have babies and young children a good solution is to use a mosquito net.
  • Use air fans and air conditioners as they make it difficult for mosquitoes to fly and reduce their activity.
  • Always have a stinging cream with you in order to avoid swelling, contamination and itching. More effective action against itching is that of ammonia.


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