What a child needs for summer camp?

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Summer is here and the preparations for the camp have already begun! Children are excited and parents are running to catch up on last minute shopping in order to fully pack their suitcases! What does a child need for a camp?

Although it is most likely that they have already given you a list from the camp, you can focus on the following places to be covered:


The first in the list of necessary items is the sunscreen! If you think about how many hours your child will be exposed to the sun, you will understand why it is so necessary. If you even think that the child will neglect sunscreen renewal every time he comes out of the sea, perhaps it would be preferable to give him a sunscreen with a high level of protection.

After sun

So many hours in the sun are likely to dehydrate child’s skin and make it red. Mild sunburn and redness are often in sensitive kids skin. It would be good for the child to have an after sun or an aloe gel to relieve him from such troubles.

Head Lice Protection

To keep your head calm, both yours and your child’s, do not forget the lice protection! If there is something overflowing in the children’s camps except for the game, the many voices, and countless activities are the countless lice as well!

If there is a product that a child has to take with him in the camp, this is an anti-lice lotion that will make sure to use often and daily! Now, there are anti-lice shampoos for prevention that can be used daily after the sea. Ideal is the combination of both to avoid surprises.

Mosquito Repellents and After bite

Summer, heat, humidity … The result? Mosquitoes everywhere! The mosquito repellent is also something important to keep the unwanted mosquitoes away from your child. Educate your child to use it daily, especially in the evening.

After bite goes along with the mosquito repellent, as it is the solution when mosquitoes find us. Indeed, there are many after bites that cover apart from mosquito bites, bites of other insects, eg bees or even jellyfish. So find something that covers them all so that the child is prepared for everything.

Daily care products

Of course, the child’s suitcase should not be missing items for everyday needs, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, shower gel, sponge, comb etc. For convenience, you can find a 2 in 1 product, such as a shampoo-shower gel or for long hair a shampoo-conditioner.

Of course, the young camper should not leave the house without 1-2 hats with him, as the risk of sunstroke in children is quite high in the summer months. Swimming suits, flip flops, athletics, clean towels and lots of underwear are almost self-evidently, but make a list early so you do not forget something!

The most basic? Do not panic! Children give little importance to all of this and focus mainly on games and socializing! Even if you forget something, they will surely find someone to help them!

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