Easy ways to get rid of mosquitoes

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Summer and mosquitoes go together. Insect repellents are the most effective way to repel this tiny summer enemy, but there are some tips that can help us too.

  • Use a fan either in the floor or ceiling, as the air is unpleasant for the mosquitoes.
  • Whether you have a garden or terrace do not choose to water at dusk, prefer morning hours.
  • Mow the lawn of your yard because it is a mosquito shelter.
  • Eliminate any source of stagnant water, such as drinking water, jars or glasses, as they attract mosquitoes.
  • Put sieves on windows, doors and other house openings (eg ducts) to prevent mosquitoes and insects from entering the house.
  • Avoid colored clothing or clothes with intense patterns. Prefer light and simply designed clothing.
  • Avoid body creams, soaps and body or hair fragrances as they attract insects.
  • Sweating and lactic acid production during exercise attract mosquitoes. If you choose to work outdoors either avoid afternoon hours or use a mosquito repellent.
  • If you have a toddler, use an appropriate mosquito repellent for children.

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