5 Essential Oils for Mosquitoes!

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Summer evenings, open spaces and meetings with many people but also with many mosquitoes! In the summer our exits are so many, and we feel that we can’t sit inside. Even if we are tired of work and can’t go anywhere, we will definitely prefer to sit on our porch or open wide the window to feel the summer breeze.

All of these sound ideal and relaxing, but can easily be disturbed by annoying mosquitoes! Many times even one little mosquito can spoil our night or even worse our sleep! How can we get rid of them and which essential oils can help us?


Citronella is probably the first natural substance that comes to mind when we look for ways to repel mosquitoes. It is no accident that many summer candles or insect repellents contain citronella as their basic substance.

So you can equip yourself with citronella essential oil and either drop 1-2 drops in your candles or dissolve several drops in almond oil and make your own mousse lotion.


One of the most beloved essential oils, lavender, in addition to its relaxing properties for the body and the spirit, can also offer us quiet evenings without mosquitoes and insects. Indeed, there are many who plant lavender in their gardens, as its scent repels various insects and bugs.

Extra tip: Essential oil of lavender is a very good and direct remedy for various bites. You can apply it directly on the sting with a cotton swab as it has regenerative and sedative properties. But be careful! Do not extend beyond the sting, as the essential oils must be dissolved in some oil before applying to the skin, otherwise they may cause irritation.


You will be surprised if you find out how effective thyme is in our mosquito battle! In a 2005 study, 5 constituents of thyme essential oil were studied for their efficacy in repelling mosquitoes (1). It was found that all five had equal or in some cases (alpha-terpinene and carvacrol) greater efficacy and duration than DEET (Common Trade Formula).


Geranium, a symbol of femininity and plant of the goddess Aphrodite, apart from its wonderful and sensual fragrance, comes to help us against mosquitoes. Its insect-repellent properties make it an ideal choice for summer, as its aroma allows us to make a body oil that keeps mosquitoes away, but at the same time helps us feel sensual!


Although most of us have linked eucalyptus to winter and better breathing, the fact is that eucalyptus continues to be useful in the summer too! Eucalyptus essential oil and especially Lemon Eucalyptus has a special smell that manages to keep mosquitoes and other insects away!

How to use essential oils?

There are several ways to take advantage of the essential oils and their properties:

  • Mix a few drops (10-20) of the above together with water (~ 100ml) into a spray bottle and make your own insect repellent.
  • You can combine some of the essential oils we mentioned or choose your favorite and dissolve a few drops of it in base oil, e.g. jojoba or almond oil and make your own summer body oil!
  • Do not be afraid to stay home with candles on your balcony and enjoy the summer breeze. Simply put 1-2 drops of some insect repellent essential oils in each one of them and enjoy summer’s carefree nights!

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