Smart tips to stay hydrated in the heat!

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Heat is here! What can we do until it’s over? If it was up to us, we would stay in our cool home, waiting for the dangerous hours of sun to pass and we would only go out at night. But our daily occupations often bring us outside to dangerous temperatures, and very often we don’t have strength enough.

So what can we do to protect ourselves from the heat? How do we help our body stay hydrated and at a normal temperature? Adopt the following smart tips and watch your daily life catch a break!

Water spray

You might think that some people use just to show off, but water spray is really a lifesaver during the hard times of the heat!

Find one with thermal water that will relieve your skin of irritations and freshen you with only one move. Plus, pocket size is available so you can always have it with you. Put one in your bag and one in the car so you always have one nearby!

After sun even before sun

Yes you read well! After sun may by definition be used after sun exposure, however if you apply it before leaving your home, the heatwave will be somehow more bearable!

After sun’s ability to cool and soothe the skin makes it perfect for all times of a hot summer! So use it on places that are most exposed to the sun, such as face, hands, legs and feel its freshness!

Water with fruits

Instead of a bottle with water, which you should always have with you, a clever and enjoyable solution, especially for those who have a hard time drinking water, is putting fruits in your water! They give a pleasant taste quickly, and at the same time you get some vitamins!

So you can put some fruit in your water and always have it next to you in the office or home, or be equipped with special Infuse bottles that aslo filter your water! You can also add peppermint or mint leaves to give it an extra coolness and freshness!

In general, in your daily life it is preferable to eat fresh juicy fruit instead of dried ones, light foods that are easy to digest and avoid too spicy and fried ones. Take frequent showers to keep your body temperature down and don’t forget your hat while you’re out!

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