Tribulus terrestris: Benefits and Side Effects

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Tribulus terrestris is a plant found mainly in the Mediterranean, but also in other parts of the earth such as India or Africa. It is characterized by small fruits, covered with spines, which require special attention. Traditionally, almost all parts of the herb – fruits, leaves, roots – are used in various diseases and health conditions.

Tribulus: Uses

For many years, tribulus has been used in traditional medicine in many countries, such as China and India, for urinary health, libido enhancement, and for reducing swelling.

More recently, tribulus terrestris has appeared as an ingredient in many nutritional supplements, and there are many who use it to enhance their athletic performance, sex drive, fertility, and body building. In fact, it has a reputation for being an herbal testosterone booster. However, the experts opinions differ on the above.

Tribulus and libido

There have been numerous studies shown that taking tribulus terrestris for 2-3 months increases libido in both men and women. Specifically, sexual drive increased by 79% in men receiving 750-1500mg tribulus terrestris daily for 2 months, and 67% in women with low libido who received 500-1500mg for 90 days. (1)

This herb also appears to have diuretic properties, increasing urine output as well as possible anti-inflammatory action.

Athletic performance and body composition

Although there is not much research in this field so far, the current results show that tribulus has no significant effect on muscle strength and athletic performance in young athletes taking it for 5 to 8 months. However, in a study with infertile men, tribulus terrestris was found to contribute to a decrease in fat percentage and an increase in lean mass, while improving sperm quality. (2)

Tribulus: Where can I find It?

Tribulus can easily be found in various forms, such as dried herb leaves, powder, but also as an essential ingredient in many nutritional supplements.

Tribulus: Side effects

Studies so far have shown that tribulus supplements are mostly safe, with rare stomach disorders, insomnia and irregular periods in women. If men have problems with the prostate, they should talk to their specialist, as opinions on the subject diverge.

Regarding the dose, it should be preferably prescribed by a specialist in order to avoid the risk of toxicity. Also avoid in pregnancy and lactation.

Tribulus is certainly an herb with special properties, used for centuries in different lengths and widths of the earth. However, like all herbs, caution is needed, especially if you are on medication or have a health problem.

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