Pumpkin: 5 +1 Benefits That Will Surprise You!

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If there is a vegetable that characterizes autumn, it’s no other than pumpkin! We may have connected it with Halloween and the delicious soups we can make, but have you ever wondered if pumpkins have any health benefits? The answer is “Yes”! Let’s find them out and put pumpkin in our diet!

1.Boosts your immune system!

The yellow and orange colours of pumpkins are due to the valuable carotenoids they contain. They have the potential to boost our immune system, protecting body’s cells from oxidation (1). In addition, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron and folic acid they contain, also contribute to this.

2.It’s good for vision!

Among carotenoids, there is provitamin A, also known as beta-carotene, which contributes to healthy vision. More specifically, our body converts it to vitamin A, a vitamin that many people with eye problems have deficient in! Additionally, pumpkin contains lutein and zeaxanthin, also important for eyesight, which protect eyes from the blue light emitted by televisions, mobile phones, computers, etc. (2)

3.Ideal for diet!

Rich in fiber and low in calories, pumpkin is the perfect diet food! Foods rich in fiber, slow down digestion, stay longer in the stomach, helping us stay full.

4.Protects the heart

Potassium contained in the pumpkin helps us regulate blood pressure, making it a very good choice for those with hypertension. In addition, the good fats contained in its seeds help reduce inflammation.

5.Makes your skin shine!

Pumpkin is a nutrient-rich food for our skin! Beta-carotene protects against UV radiation, while vitamin C contributes in the production of collagen. It is no coincidence that we will now find it as an ingredient in many cosmetics, such as Apivita Pumpkin Detox face mask for detoxification and rejuvenation!

6.Better Sugar Control

Related studies have shown that the phenolic compounds found in pumpkin can reduce the risk of hyperglycemia to a greater extent than other foods (3).

Extra tip: Don’t throw away its seeds! Put them in the oven at a low heat and sprinkle with spices. You will have the most nutritious snack, as well as many benefits to prostate health!

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