Autumn allergies: Treat them with the power of Japanese mint!

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Shiso or perilla or beefsteak plant are the words used in everyday language for the herb, seed and spice or even the whole Perilla Frutescens plant, also known as Japanese mint. So, having many variants and common names, the real Perilla frutescens or Perilla arguts, is a member of the mint family, but without a mint taste, and appears as native to China, Burma (Myanmar) and the Himalayas.

In general, it is a gastronomically adaptable plant and very popular as a spice or herb in various Asian cultures, but also as a traditional plant with excellent allergy therapeutic effect. So let’s figure it out!

A brief description….

There are two types of Japanese mint. Aojiso is the green variety, which is mainly used for its flavor and aroma and Akajiso is the red variety used mainly as a food dye and preservative. The Japanese mint plant usually reaches a maximum height of about 60 cm. Its leaves are broad and somewhat rough on the surface, pointed and with irregular noses around. They are very aromatic and have a very intense vegetable and lemon flavor.

Its therapeutic properties …

In traditional Chinese medicine, Japanese mint seeds are used as expectorant, anti-asthmatic, cough medicine and also as a digestive aid. Its leaves are used to fight colds, and its stems to calm the restless unborn child. Japanese mint helps with overeating seafood and this is why it is used in sushi.

But one particularly distinctive therapeutic feature is the ability to limit one’s sensitivity to allergens and to alleviate symptoms. And how does it work? Thanks to the presence of phenolic compounds, monoterpenes and triterpenoids present in its seeds.

According to scientific studies, the Japanese mint extract blocks the release of histamine, a substance produced by a “sensitive” organism when it comes in contact with allergens. Once histamine is produced, all known allergic symptoms, such as nasal congestion, sneezing, itching, redness and edema in individual areas, begin.

A helpful tip…

Since autumn is here for good, the hassle begins for many of us. Seasonal allergies will reappear. It would be a good idea to deal with them in a natural way. Look for Japanese mint in specialized dietary supplements and take advantage of its effect on allergic symptoms.

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