Simple ways to communicate with your baby!

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  baby A new baby in the family is a new member and it will bring many changes! Until your child begins to speak there will be smiles, gargles and a lot of grimaces. But can we communicate with infants and if so, what is the best way?

   There are those who believe that infants are not able to communicate. Recently many studies have revealed that babies begin to build their personality and mature even from their first months of life through stimuli that receive from family and environment. Additionally, early speech and language skills are associated with success in developing reading, writing and interpersonal skills, later in life.

Let’s talk

  Talking to your baby can have many benefits for its emotional development and maturity. Although babies cannot grasp the meaning of words, they can perceive sounds, feelings and understand the tone of voice. The only thing you have to do is to avoid baby talking and baby expression, to look at it when you talk to it and obviously to talk calmly.


  Vision is one among senses that is developed later in life. At first, an infant can only see and focus in a distance of a few centimeters. Despite that, a baby can recognize facial expressions and body language. Whenever your baby cries or tries to communicate with you it is very important to look and smile at it, without anything else to distract your attention.


   Crying is the first and only way to communicate a baby with the outside world. Through crying babies are telling us all their needs, thoughts and feelings. Recognize and learn to decode your baby’s crying and notice until you understand what does it say to you.


   Touch, along with crying, is one of the most important senses for an infant. A hug, a kiss and the feeling of mother’s breast are things that offer serenity and calm you baby.


   How beautiful when a newborn baby recognize you and take notice of your presence, without even know you? This ability is due to the well-developed sense of smell that a baby has even from birth and helps it to understand the world. The first and most important smell in a baby’s life is the smell of mother. So, when you want to communicate with your baby, bring it next to you and let it smell you.

   It’s not that difficult! Discover the power of senses, speech, touch and body language and start to build a beautiful relationship and communication skills with your little one!


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