Think positive … you can!

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The view of things, that is, one’s perception of everything that happens to him, varies from person to person. The easy way is to be pessimistic. A pessimist often calls himself a realist because he thinks that difficult situations can only have one side, the bad one. Ηe is frustrated with life and problems that arise. On the contrary, one needs power to be and remain optimistic. A positive attitude of life’s difficulties is what will make us struggle, overcome obstacles, and regain our hope.

Is there a way to ‘enhance’ positive thinking?

It definitely takes…some training of the mind to learn to think positively. It is enough to start believing that everything can be corrected. Every problem that grieves us should be seen as a challenge. The power hidden within us is capable of overcoming any difficulty and helping us to dream again. The key to success is to keep our mood up, so that we can positively evaluate the true size of each problem. Our diet can be a valuable ally in this effort. As strange as it may sound, there are essential micronutrients that affect our mood, and according to tradition, plant extracts improve our psychology.

One of the most popular is the Crocus plant, otherwise called Saffron or Zaffer. Its name comes from the Greek word “croci”. It is cultivated in many parts of the world such as Iran, Kashmir, Greece, Spain and Morocco. In ancient times it was suggested to relieve various gastrointestinal disorders, pathological gynecological conditions, and also insomnia. Over the years, it has been used extensively in cooking because it gives a spicy taste, a yellow color and a distinctive aroma. Today, more than 20 therapeutic actions of saffron have been identified in research, classifying it as a superfood.

The valuable properties of saffron are in its stigmas. It takes about 50,000 stigmas to produce 100 grams of red saffron. According to scientific studies 30mg of crocus extract daily can work positively in cases of people with bad psychology.

In addition to crocus extract, however, there is another plant that seems to help improve mood. It is the plant Rhodiola that is endemic in  Arctic and mountainous regions, such as Siberia, the Himalayas, the Andes or the Alps. Scientists classify it as adaptive herb, not only because it adapts to harsh climates, but mainly because it helps human body itself adapt to difficult situations. According to several clinical studies, Rhodiola extract can reduce emotional burden. At the same time, it helps balance the nervous system and improves physical and mental performance.

Along with the extracts of Crocus and Rhodiola in good psychology, B complex vitamins also play an important role. They are essential for many functions of the body and especially for those related to brain and nervous system. Nutritional intake is a prerequisite for their adequacy in the body, as it cannot synthesize them alone. The most complete sources are dairy, eggs, liver, meat, fish, beans, cereal crust, various fruits and seeds, as well as certain fruits.

The road to positive thinking these days is not easy. But no one can question the power of human will. The currency always has two sides, as long as we can detect its good side. Even if you are not able to put these ingredients into your diet to help improve your mood, look for them in a combination of specialized nutritional supplements, such as Power Health Think Positive. Get all the benefits of Crocus and Rhodiola extracts and B vitamins and welcome every day with a positive attitude and a big smile!


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