5+1 Reasons to use sunscreen for kids and babies

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   In the summer time, sun and the sea are the main concern of kids. However, prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate protection, may cause in the future many health problems, especially in the skin. Which are the most important reasons in order to start using sunscreen in your children?


   Sunburns are the most common problem during the summer. Although most of the times sunburns are not serious enough, even mild sunburns cumulatively can cause serious skin damage. UVB radiation is absorbed by the skin, especially from the upper skin layers, while UVA radiation penetrates into deeper layers of skin (dermis) causing damage to cell DNA. Children’s skin, however, fails to quickly repair damage caused by solar radiation, thus they can have sunburns more easily. Common symptom of sunburns are nausea, blushing, pain, fever and swelling.

Photo aging

   Photoaging is a condition that is due to chronic exposure to the sun, but it is not a dangerous condition for the skin. The skin has the capacity to repair the damage caused by the solar radiation, but in the long-term this capacity is reduced and thus the skin creates wrinkles. New sunscreens are very photostable and are not degraded by exposure to solar radiation. Because photoaging is a cumulative condition, avoid exposure to the sun, especially without sunscreen.

Photoallergy – photosensitivity

   Many children are particularly sensitive to sun exposure by creating a typical photoallergy. It usually manifests itself with redness, edema and bubbles that are localized throughout the body, mainly in the neckline, arms and throat. Allergy tends to gradually recede as the skin becomes blackened, because it is protected from melanin production. In this case, avoiding sun exposure, even if there is no direct exposure to the sun (eg. under umbrellas) and use sunscreen with a high protection index.

Cold sores

  Sun, humidity and high temperatures are a fertile ground for virus development, especially as it has to do with herpes. Therefore, if there is susceptibility to herpes, it is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or to use sunscreens specifically for sensitive areas and lip sticks with a very high protection index.

Insect protection

   Thanks to the development of technology, many sunscreen contain insect repellents which, along with sun protection, also offer protection against insects and mosquitoes. It is an ideal solution for those who choose to take a bath in the afternoon, where there are many mosquitoes. This can make it easier for you because you do not need to carry different types of products with you.

Protect also in water

   Little children usually do not want to stop playing and get out of the sea. However, sunscreens have a maximum protection period of 2 hours. Given this, innovative sunscreens can be applied even to wet skin and protect your child’s skin even if there is water on it. In this way, you do not have to interrupt the child’s play in order to apply sunscreen.

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