First teething pain relief

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  The time that a baby sprout the first teeth is a rememberable moment. The first teething begins between the 5th and the7th month, when there is introduction of solid food.

   Teeth break through over a period of months and common characteristics are

  • intense salivation
  • inflammation of the gums

   Many times due to the fact that there is too much saliva, the baby may experience paroxysmal cough. The child during the teething period is more susceptible to infections and is characterized by intense anxiety due to pain and discomfort.


First Teething Gel

First teething gels are gel with relieving, analgesic and topical anti-inflammatory action. They reduce pain and discomfort as they numb the area. In addition, they contain substances that reduce saliva production and, thanks to their anti-inflammatory action, reduce gum swelling. They offer  temporary  relief and they are absolutely safe even if swallowed.

Teething bracelets

When the first teeth of babies sprout, it is quite common for babies to put their fingers into their mouths, in their effort to relieve pain. However, such a habit increases the chances of microbial infections, therefore it would be adviseable to choose teething rings or teething toys instead. The rings vary depending on the teeth that come out. Many contain semi-liquid materials which, when cooled, relieve oral inflammation.

   Vita4you has products that help relieve first teething pain and discomfort.


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