Spring Fever: Face it naturally!

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spring flu

Spring is here, the sun appeared and we went out! But for many impatient people who have already worn their summer clothes and hurry to enjoy spring breeze, the cold has struck the door. One of the cold symptoms that we are most concerned about is fever! How can we deal with it and can we face it naturally?

Fever is a natural reaction of our organism in an effort to defend itself against viruses and bacteria that threaten our immune system. Our temperature rises to kill the microorganisms that threaten us. Thus, a temperature of up to 38 ° C is not considered worrying. Also, the fever can last for a few days. Contact your doctor if it lasts for more than 5 days.

Fever and Herbs


Eucalyptus is perhaps the most essential herb to cope with a cold. It is a powerful antibiotic and will help you to treat fever more easily. You can throw some of his leaves in your tea, make greaves with eucalyptus oil, which will also help in breathing or drop a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in your bath or your compresses!


Mint is a herb that induce perspiration and thus one of the first natural choices for dropping fever. In addition, the menthol it contains helps break the flame into the lungs, while also facilitating breathing. In the market you will find very easily dried mint tea, while it’s a basic ingredient in syrups and candies for coughing.


Thyme is considered to be one of the top herbs for colds and especially for coughing. It contains thymol, which belongs to the family of biocides. It is a class of compounds that can destroy harmful organisms, such as infectious bacteria. A 2010 study showed that thymol reduces the resistance of bacteria to common drugs, including penicillin.


Pelargonium is a herb that most people do not know, but those who have tried it swear to it. It has the ability to prevent bacteria and viruses from attaching to the mucosal and lung cells and grow. This herb stimulates our immune system and helps the body to act against pathogenic microorganisms. This also reduces the need for our system to raise fever.

Ginger and black pepper

This combination proves savoring especially in hot drinks and soups. Ginger is famous for its unresponsive properties and along with black pepper helps in sweating. Add to your tea a small piece of fresh ginger or powder, pepper, lemon and some honey. If there is a dried clove, add it.


Garlic the miraculous. If there is garlic in your home, you will be able to cope more easily with any virus. Potent antibacterial properties thanks to the allicin that it contains it will help you get rid of the fever. Add it to soups and try to consume a bit raw to get the most out of it. To avoid unpleasant breathing, you can consume some milk.

Olive leaves

Olive leaves contain oleuropein, a substance with strong antiviral and antibiotic action that helps body to treat bacteria and viruses. Thus it contributes to the fall of fever and the treatment of inflammation and viruses, especially those associated with the upper respiratory tract. Olive leaves can be found easily in the form of a dietary supplement or in their initial form in herbal stores.

In order to get rid of fever easier, traditional compresses with vinegar and cool water will help you. For best effect, add 2-3 drops of eucalyptus, thyme or tea tree oil to the water. You can do so in your bathroom by adding about 5-10 drops of mint, rosemary, cinnamon or clove essential oil. If you feel stressed add a few drops of lavender essential oil.

So be sure to use the nature’s secrets, consume lots of liquids and stay for a few days at home. Rest your body and do not overwhelm it. If you see that fever persists for several days, visit your doctor!

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