Olive Leaf Extract: Discover its benefits!

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oliveIn recent years there have been more and more references to olive leaves, their extracts and their beneficial properties in human health! As it happens, the more we talk about an issue, the more its true value is lost along the way.

So what about the olive leaf extract?

Is it just a trend? Or is it really a health ally? The use of olive leaves is an ancient practice of all the Mediterranean people and mainly of the Egyptians and Greeks.

The olive tree is a durable and perennial tree. This is due to the presence of substances in all its parts, called polyphenols. One of the most active olive polyphenols is oleuropein. It is the most concentrated substance in the leaves, which protects it against diseases and difficult conditions, especially in winter.

The extract derived after olive leave processing is rich in oleuropein which according to many studies has antiviral and antibacterial activity. This fact has prompted the scientific community in recent years to recognize oleuropein as an alternative to medicinal products with a strong action in the fight against colds and influenza.

What are its benefits for our body?

  • It strengthens the immune system to deal with attacks of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • It is specialized in the treatment of bacteria and viruses that affect the upper respiratory system (cold, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, otitis).
  • According to a recent study by a Greek hospital, it has a positive effect on lower respiratory infections.
  • It faces the common winter cold, which is estimated to affect every person 3-4 times a year.
  • It works against lip herpes and eye infections such as conjunctivitis.
  • It does not cause side effects such as intestinal microflora disorder.
  • The germs do not develop resistance to antibiotics.

To get all the benefits of olive leaves avoid swallowing them or making improvisation drinks. The bitter taste and the fact that you will not be sure of all the substances they contain are a deterrent. Prefer specializeddietary supplements with olive leaf extract that will protect your immune system, not just in winter but all year round.

Power Health’s Oliviotic is the perfect choice for you.

With scientifically proven efficacy, Oliviotic is a dietary supplement titrated in 20% oleuropein per capsule in combination with Vitamin D and zinc for extra immune boost. It is literally about getting the power of nature for the benefit of human health!

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