Colds: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

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For many, catching a cold is their basic fear as winter enters. Others are sure they won’t have such a problem this year. But the truth is that no one can be sure when a cold will knock on his door!

As much as we are protected, contact with others around us, handshakes, kisses, hugs, and generally confined spaces in combination with sick people, are factors we often cannot overlook or even avoid! The result? After a few days we join the domino. Especially if we don’t leave alone, it goes without saying that the rest will be contaminated!

Colds – Symptoms

Symptoms of the common cold begin to appear 1 to 3 days after we are exposed to one of the 200 potential viruses responsible for it. Typical symptoms of colds are:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Low fever 
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Muscle pain or mild headache

Often, there are many who confuse a common cold with the flu, the symptoms of which are much more severe and often lead to pneumonia. In influenza, we usually have a higher fever, severe fatigue, headache and muscle aches.

Cold: How many days does it last?

The duration of the cold varies from a few days to a week, most of the time. If symptoms do not improve after this time, and especially if the fever persists, it is advisable to see your doctor, who is the only one who will decide whether or not you need antibiotics, and if there is a bacterial infection.

Cold: How to face it


Perhaps the best medicine for colds, relaxation is your key ally in this battle! Abstaining from work and various activities is what your organization needs. So make sure you prioritize your health and slow down.

Chicken soup for the cold

The good old chicken soup tactic continues to be a favorite no matter how many years pass! Indeed, a lot of research has been done to answer the eternal question of what makes chicken so effective, but so far it remains unanswered!

Lots of liquids

Add to your daily life lots of  water, fresh juices, tea, soups, and pastilles, which increase saliva secretion. The many fluids will help your body fluidize and eliminate secretions from the mucous membranes of the neck and nose. In addition, toxins are more easily removed. Avoid very hot drinks.

Herbs for cold

Nature generously provides you with many tools to deal with colds. Some of the most effective are echinacea, sage, thyme, sambucus, dittany, eucalyptus, olive leaf extract and more. You can find them either in dried form or as a supplement. In addition, they are essential ingredients in many cough syrups.

Nutritious Foods

Get foods rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as vitamin C, zinc, copper, vitamin D3 and probiotics in your daily routine. They will help you boost your immune system and cope better with the cold. Take advantage of the season’s fruits and vegetables and get their precious nutrients!

How to prevent colds?

Some basic rules one can follow to reduce the chances of a cold are:

  • Good handwashing with soap and water for at least 20΄΄
  • Good surface cleaning. Be sure to thoroughly clean the various surfaces that everyone has access to, such as tables, kitchen, sinks, as well as items we all use daily such as knobs, phones, toys and more.
  • Avoid anyone who has a cold! Go away when you realise that someone around you has a cold, as it is very easy to get contaminated. In addition, do not share cups, glasses and cutlery with people who suffer from a cold.
  • Equip with handkerchiefs. Sneezing is probably the most common way of transmitting a cold. Always carry tissues for coughing and sneezing, dispose them off immediately after use and wash your hands. If not with you, turn to the inside of your elbow and avoid your hands. Learn the same to your children.
  • Take care of yourself! Most importantly, make sure you strengthen your body’s defense. Eat healthy and eliminate stress. Sleep for several hours and bring exercise into your life – outdoor if it’s possible..


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