Protect your child’s health this new school year!

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Schools open, children meet and parents run once more to find their equipment! But, aside from notebooks and pencils, there is something that needs special attention and is no other than children’s health!

What a child needs with him at school

We may not want to overload a child’s school bag with many things, but he might need different things while beeing at school. Since  the new school year starts almost always full of sun, many mosquitoes and many lice, it would be good for the child to have:

  • Lotion for Lice Prevention. You may spray his head daily before leaving for school with lotion for lice prevention, but the child will run, play, sweat throughout the day and the only sure thing is that after a few hours the lotion will have evaporated. So find a practical lightweight package and put it in his bag. Teach them to spray at least once while in school, about in the middle of the day, and target mainly the roots around the neck and behind the ears.
  • Pocket size sunscreen. A clever solution to always stay protected from the sun during breaks is the pocket-size sunscreen that he can always carry with him.
  • After bite. Mosquitoes and bees still fly around us happily and do not hesitate to become friends with our children. Always have an after bite in your child’s bag that covers in addition to mosquito bites, other bites as well, such as midges, sphinxes and more.
  • Baby wipes or wet wipes. Since it is very likely that not one but many times in the day a child can be sully, it is advisable for the child to have a small pack of baby wipes or simple wet wipes so he can be cleaned if needed.
  • Healthy snacks. School canteens are still overflowing with unhealthy choices for student breaks. It’s a good idea to put in the school bag some healthy snacks, such as cereal bars, organic crackers, and more.

Equipment for parents

As children will be children and cannot comprehend the importance of something, it is parents who are called upon to equip themselves in their daily lives. There are products that may be needed to strengthen their body so they are not prone to viruses, and others to deal with various conditions such as bruises, colds and more.

Gel for bruises 

Everyday falls and hits are a familiar image when the child returns from playing. And in school breaks there is much playing!  Equip yourself with a bruising gel or cream that contains arnica, a herb that helps to deal with the problem immediately.

Kids supplements

Certainly, a healthy diet and homemade food are the best allies for a healthy body. But there are often times when the child may need extra help to stimulate their systems.

Plus, there are many kids supplements for boosting the immune system, such as vitamin C or herbal echinacea, which is a good idea to take if your child has a weakened immune system and is often ill.

You can also choose bee products such as propolis, known for its antimicrobial properties or royal jelly, a well-known natural tonic!

Cough syrup

When cough occurs, it is advisable to prevent it at first signs before resorting to an antibiotic. You can always have a herbal kids syrup at home for the first symptoms of a cold. Of course, you should not forget that your doctor has the first saying, as coughing may not be associated with a virus, but may be an indication of asthma or a seasonal allergy.

The most important thing is to educate the child to take care of their own safety, as well as their health. It is important to take the initiative and understand what is important and what is not and where he needs to pay attention at. Trust him and give him the chance to prove that  he understands how important his health is!


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