8+1 Secrets for glowing skin in Christmas

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Even if you take care of your skin every day, surely the Christmas holidays are a further excuse to bring out your beauty and glamor. See in 9 steps what you can do to this Christmas to make the difference!


Get rid of eye-bags, light up your eyes!

The fact that Christmas has arrived does not mean that you work less or that your everyday obligations are fewer. Fatigue and increased workload can create dark circles and bags in your eyes, making you look dull. Try to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. Select eye creams that decongest the microcirculation under the eyes, reduce retention of fluids and lighten the look. Eye masks will definitely help you achieve the result you are looking for faster. A small trick is to put the eye mask in the refrigerator.


Healthy and hydrated hair

Dyes, everyday hairstyle, styling products affect the hair, dry the hair edges and make them dull. Select a shampoo suitable for hair-repair. Hair masks will help you replenish the lost moisture and shine of your hair. Choose a leave-in conditioner spray. If your hair is too dry, apply monoi oil or coconut oil, wrap it with a towel and sleep. The next day after shampooing, you will see the difference!


Shiny smile

Coffees, food, wine reduce the natural whitening of our teeth. Choose a simple whitening kit method, in your home. Special whitening toothpaste and whitening kit will highlight your beautiful smile. It is advisable to wash your teeth after eating foods and beverages containing pigments, such as caffeine or wine, to minimize the stains.


Captivating look with long lashes

Castor oil is a natural ingredient used to lengthen hair and eyelashes. Thanks to its rich composition in omega fatty acids, it strengthens the structure of the hair and nourishes it in depth. Be careful not to apply to other parts of the face, where there is fluff or hair. Alternatively, and if you like easier solutions, choose a special mascara to help lengthen the eyelashes within just a few weeks.


Beautiful nails, soft hands

If you use often nail polish, then nails eventually will become brittle without shine and may get stains. In addition, soaps and cleaning products are detrimental to the skin of your hands, which becomes dry. Apply special nail oils that restore the hardness and shine of nail keratin and even soften the cuticles. Moisturizing and softening hand creams will shield moisture in your hands while creating a layer of protection against cold.


Soft heels

Feet dryness and cracked heels are something unpleasant. Buy foot creams special for cracked or dry heels. Apply them ideally after bathing and after removing the dead skin with a rasp. Afterward, put moisturizing cream or emollient oil or balsam, wear socks and leave them all night as long as you are asleep.


Hydrated and beautiful skin

Hydration is the main step for a beautiful and shiny skin. After your daily cleaning, apply a moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type and leave it all night. Do not forget that hydration has many stages and many levels. Creams moisturize the skin surface, while serums target the deeper layers of the epidermis. Finally, without water, do not expect your skin to shine. Consume at least 2 liters of water, along with your daily face care.


Goodbye wrinkles with a booster

Regardless of age, all women care about wrinkles and fine lines. If you don’t already have an anti-wrinkle cream, do not worry, the solution is in the booster. Apply a booster of your choice, every morning and evening in small amounts and enhance the properties of your daily face creams.


Hydrated lips

Cold, intense temperature and humidity fluctuations can make the lips dry and chopped. Choose a moisturizing lip that you will apply as often as needed. If your lips are already dry, use a lip balm during the day to create a natural barrier and apply balsam in the evening.


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