Guide for a glamorous Christmas make up

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An impressive makeup is something that every woman desires on Christmas Day. Beautiful look, seductive lips and shiny skin are just a few of the tips that will make your presence attractive and eye-catching.

   You should keep in mind that there is no right or ideal makeup, but there is the one that makes you feel beautiful and attractive!

Foundation make up & concealer

   The first step for a perfect make up is your skin to be hydrated and clean. Concealer will help you to cover skin imperfections like black circles, pimples, black pores, or even to balance any discolorations of the skin, while foundation will offer a uniform and bright look. Choose products suitable for the shade of your skin and remain unchanged and stable for many hours. Do not put too much foundation on your skin.

Mascara & eyebrow pencils

   Mascara and eyebrow pencils are the key elements for a beautiful look. Choose a mascara according to your needs, length or volume and apply 2-3 layers. A mascara of black color is usually a safe choice that suits all types of makeup, however you can choose to use a different shade for the lower eyelid. As for eyebrows, pay attention to excesses so that they do not look fake and big. Start covering with the eyebrow pencil any hair-gaps that exist in your eyebrows, thus improving their shape. It is essential to choose a pencil shade close to that of your natural eyebrows.

Eye Pencils & Shades

   You always start by applying a pencil or eyeliner that corrects or highlights the shape of your eyes making them look either bigger or sharper. As for the shadows, the choices are many. There are warm shades, nude, cold and dark shades for smoking eyes. What shade will you use, depends on what you’ll wear. There are mat, metallic or even shiny shades that can greatly change the intensity of your look. It is important that the shade of the eye matches the lipstick and the rest of the makeup. At the end and for a bright look, apply a white pencil or a white glitter to the inner corner of the eye.

Compact powders & Blushes

   An attractive chin and strong cheekbones can be made with the right blush that creates the right shades. For a bold look choose bronze shades and create shadows depending on the natural angles of your face.

Lipstick & lip liners

   The first and essential step for beautiful and juicy lips is to hydrate them, otherwise they will not look nice on any lipstick. Start by wearing a lipliner in order to highlight the shape of your lips. Then fill the lips with the lipstick of your choice and finally fade out the pencil towards the center, with a brush. Usually deep-red shades are the ones that fit to all skin types and hair color and are a safe choice for a festive makeup. However, if you have chosen intense and dark eyeshades, prefer a lighter lipstick.

Nail polishes

   Chistmas is a period and not just a single day. Surely you will not have plenty of time to paint your nails again and again or even have a professional manicure. So, it is advisable to choose nail polishes that have the effect of semi-permanent manicure. However, the right color is most important step.

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