Keratin, for healthy hair, nails and skin

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 Beautiful nails, healthy hair and shiny skin are things that everyone want to have! Though those tissues are completely different, they all share a common structural element, the keratin.

What is keratin?

It is a protein belonging to the fibrous structural proteins. It is an insoluble molecule resistant to stomach acids or organic solvents. It is the outer layer of epithelial cells and is located either in hair, nails or skin. The main building block of keratin is the amino acid L-cysteine, the concentration of which is more pronounced in the nails and hair than in the skin. That’s why hair and nails are much more stronger.


The keratin layer consists of keratinocytes linked together by strong bonds. The main role of keratin is to stimulate body against external factors, to maintain body’s moisture by playing the role of a strong skin barrier. The skin has the ability to eliminate its keratin and often renew its cells or strengthen certain areas (palms, soles, elbows) where there is intense friction. Hair and nails, on the contrary, have a lower lipid concentration among keratinocytes, are more consistent and do not renew their cells so often.


The strong skin requires proper protection. The keratin layer consists of dead cells, which are the last layer of the skin (stratum corneum). Keratinocytes protect body from external factors and microbes, while they retain moisture.


Keratin is among the main proteins of hair. The chronic use of dyes, the hair drying and the systematic use of cosmetic products, afflict hair, destroy the scalp, causing hair to lose their keratin, to become dry and fragile. For this reason, many hair treatments contain keratin, in order to restore the health and shine of hair.


Nails are a keratinized tissue located at the tip of the fingers and one of the most powerful and strong tissues. Continuous use of nail colours or chemical and acrylic compounds destroy the nails, remove the keratin layers, making them brittle, easily broken and peeled. The use of keratin-containing products and supplements helps restore nails health.

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