8+1 Secrets for beautiful nails

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  Shaped, shiny and healthy nails are an element of beauty, youth and of course a way to express your own personal style. Every day nails are exposed to external factors and chemicals, making them fragile, soft and with spots. Learn 8 simple steps in order to take care of your skin and nails.

Drying of hands and feet

   Even if washing is very important for health, drying should not be omitted. Moisture between fingers and nails, especially on the feet, is a good ground for the development of fungal infections. For this reason, dry your fingers very well after each wash using just a towel.


   Hydration is not only about hands but also nails. There are special moisturizing hand creams that hydrate the skin around the nails, reduce dryness and soften cuticles.


   Cuticles are something annoying. They are usually caused by dryness, incorrect nail cutting, increased humidity and cuticles eating. The solution is initially to keep your hands hydrated. Do not put your hands in your mouth and prefer to do a professional manicure and pedicure to remove cuticles properly.

Nail and hand peeling

   Our hands and feet in addition to hydration they also need exfoliation. They have many dead cells that should be removed so they remain soft. Use a soft scrub and gently massage your hands and feet, especially where there skin hardening.

Use gloves

   Everyday our hands are exposed to chemicals, soaps and cleansers, causing damaging to the skin and nails. It would be best to wear gloves for house and dishes cleaning, in order to protect your hands and skin.

Balanced diet

   And yes, diet plays an important role in the health of nails. Deficiency in certain micronutrinets can cause nails to lose their shine, break easily and get stains. Increase calcium intake, vitamins of B complex, zinc, silicon and trace elements, such as amino acids, for strong and healthy nails. If you can not ensure the daily intake of all the necesary nutrients through your diet, there are many dietary supplements, instead.

Correct cutting of nails

   Incorrect cutting of the nails can lead to infections, cuticles and nails to get into the skin as they grow. Do not cut your nails very close to the skin. If you can not easily manipulate the nail clipper you can use a nail file.


   Hands and feet are tired and need daily care. Use moisturizing oils, lotions or nail creams and massage your palms and feet. Emphasize in the areas around the base of the nail. This will activate blood circulation and your nails will become stronger and thicker.

Nail polish

   At the end of your manicure and pedicure, it’s time to choose what color to paint your nails. First, choose a base coat for nails that protects nails and prevents them from becoming yellow and fragile. Then apply a color of your choice and then a top coat for shine and protection. If you want to remove the nail polish, choose products that do not contain acetone as they dehydrate and peel off nails.

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