Body care guide after vacation!

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If you have just returned from your vacation then you will surely feel relaxed and refreshed! But is it the same with your skin and your hair? Do you feel your skin tired from the sun and your hair dry and dull? If so, then it’s time for a total refresh!

Facial treatment

Perhaps the most important of our concerns is the impact sun exposure may have on our facial skin. We may have been carefree on the beach, sunbathing and not even thinking about it, but now the term “photoaging” is ringing in our minds!

What can we do? How do we give a boost to our skin to recover from the hassle of vacationing? Start with a face scrub to remove dead cells, then find a rich moisturizing mask and feel your skin relief from thirst! Ideally you can use a sheet mask after putting it in the fridge for a while!

You can also find overnight beauty products, that you can leave on your face all night and in the morning see tiredness disappear and your face shining!

Body care

If you haven’t already done so during your holiday, now is a great time to take a relaxing bath with some salt and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You will feel your whole system rejuvenated and the fatigue of the trip go away!

Exfoliation is also a must here, as the skin slowly begins to peel off due to exposure to the sun, but also to sea salt. After you are done with your bath, spend some time on body hydration! Find a body butter with summer fragrance and apply with gentle massage movements. You can also try an after sun product, even if the days in the sun are over, as the only sure thing is that your skin still needs it!

Foot care

The endless walks on the beach are over and only your tired soles are here to remind you of them! Here a simple exfoliation is not enough! If you have the courage, patience and perseverance, get a good foot rasp and start!

If you still don’t have all of the above, because you have just returned from your holiday and your daily obligations have begun to sprout from every corner of your life, then take an electric rasp and see your feet become velvety in minutes, thanks to the miracle of technology! Finish with a regenerating foot cream or for a more intense effect a foot mask.

Hair care

Last but not least, we’ve left the most obvious: your hair! A look at the mirror will convince you that if something needs immediate intervention this is your hair that are probably damaged from the sun, the sea and the summer air!

If you have curly, unruly hair, you may be tempted by a haircut or even a straightening solution. But hold on! A mask for dry and damaged hair will loosen your hands and especially your hair! Even if you consider your hair oily or weak, a mask for dry hair is the right choice for everyone after the holidays. A test will convince you!

Another valuable ally for your scalp and especially for frizzy edges is a dry oil. This is an amazing choice not only for your hair but also for your face and body. Just a few drops is enough to make an instant difference. Be careful not to overdo it so as to avoid a greasy feeling.

So here are four points you should focus on when you are back from vacation. After all, if someone is worth a little time and care, is noone else than ourself! Let’s not forget it and give him the attention it deserves!

Find in all you need for body care, as well as face and hair products!


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