Winter is good for your health!

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Winter is the less likeable season of the year, due to the cold weather. Thus scientific research shows that winter time has many benefits for our health and mood. What can winter do for our health?

1. Boosts metabolism and fat burning. This energy expenditure remains after cold expore, facilitating weight loss.

2. Increases energy levels and boost mental alertness. It is known that hot weather reduces glucose, the main brain food, levels faster.

3. Facilitates body oxygenation. During the winter air polution is less and also breathing is easier. Rapid walking and running are physical activities ideal during cold months of the year.

4. Helps sleep and relaxation. Low external temperature and warm internal temperature, helps sleep coming.

5. Reduces inflammation and the sence of heavy legs. Heat causes increased blood flow and vessels permeability. During winter, the cold weather does vessel contraction and reduced symptoms such as pain and swelling.

6. Contributes to a better phychology. Warm and layered clothes, reduce stress concerning body weight and image. Also during cold months we come closer to our relatives and friends!

7. Increases body defence. Exposal to cold does enhance the immune system. So we are less prone to microorganisms that can cause cold or flu.


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