Interviewing Nikos Dimitriadis about Marathon!

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We found Nikos Dimitriadis, head of ergometrics center & trainer with focus on endurance and long distance running. We talked about Marathon and the proper preparation for it!

1. How long does it take to prepare for the marathon?

A proper preparation for such a demanding race takes six months. Best suited for such a training is a trainer with scientific background and professional experience to adapt it to the requirements and daily life of the athlete.

2.How many hours of training does your daily routine include?

I train 4-5 times a week. Each workout lasts at least one hour, while once a week (usually on a Saturday or Sunday) the workout is longer and can reach 3 hours of continuous running.

3.What is the biggest personal motivation?

Good health, uplifting, personal improvement and runners community involvement.

4.What support does a marathon runner need (psychological, nutritional, training)?

A marathon runner needs all kinds of support to handle the demanding preparation program. The best solution is to find exercise and nutrition professionals in order to receive safe guidance in achieving personal goals.

5.What is the feeling that drives you through this whole journey (even months afterwards and not just the Marathon itself)?

Satisfaction, joy, emotion and pleasure. And not necessarily in that order.


6.Does achieving one goal mean “go for the next”?

Sometimes yes. Others it means: we go elsewhere – maybe in another Kind of sport. But overall, I like moving to the next goal, whoever it is.

7.Have you run other marathons around the world?

Yes, I have run in Paris, Vienna and Hamburg. Nice races. I assure you that our marathon, the Authentic Marathon of Athens, is one of the best organized races I have ever run.

8.An experience that you typically remember as a marathon runner?

Each termination is a separate moment. Like any starting point. All I remember, as in every race I participated in I had many of my athletes running at the same time, is my anxiety for those which was greater than my own.

9.Which Terranova Nutrition Greece products support you and how?

From the first time I tried Terranova Nutrition’s products, it struck me how effective they are. Quality touches perfection, myself and my athletes use it daily.

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