Face peeling, tips you need to know

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  Exfoliation is one of the basic steps of facial care and cosmetology. Make-up products and exposure to environmental factors cause pores to clog and create imperfections. As a result, skin loses its shine and young look. Let’s answer some very common questions about scrubs.


When should I exfoliate my skin?

Skin renews its cells daily. Dead cells as also products of cell metabolism clog pores. During the night, our skin does not sleep. Instead, it constantly “works”, repairing lesions and renewing its cells. Peeling, therefore, is a process that should be done mainly in the morning.


How often should I peel off my skin?

Frequency depends on the needs of each skin, as for example the severity of clogged pores. If you peel off your skin once in a week, most of the times it’s enough. In cases that your skin is too oily, you may need to peel it off twice a week.


Do peelings hurt my skin?

Peeling contains small grains, which can not cause damage to your skin. Redness can be rarely be observed the there is an acne prone skin of any skin irritation. The scrub during its application may cause a temporary redness due to rubbing. This redness usually subsides within the next 30 minutes. After dermatological actions, such as laser or depilation, and after sun exposure, it is advisable not to apply peeling gels as it may cause irritation.


Do I need to clean my face before applying peel of gels?

Yes, face cleaning is a separate step of face skin care. Although daily cleansing with face cleansing gel can very effectively purify the skin, black pores and dead cells cannot be removed. Instead, face scrub can remove dead skin cells and improve its texture (rough and dry skin).


Depending on the type of skin you need another type of scrub?

Yes, peel of gels can vary according to the severity of the problem and the type of skin. For acne prone skins you should choose exfoliating gels specially designed for acne skin. Is a case of dry to very dry skin you can choose a mild exfoliating product, while of normal – combination and oily skin and may need stronger peeling gels (harder – bigger grains).

After the application of scrub, do I need to also a moisturizing cream?

Yes, after applying the scrub, skin is “open” and exposed to several environmental factors (wind, air, sun). Because of that, you need to hydrate your skin, in order to capture moisture into your skin, giving firmness and elasticity.


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