5+1 Essential and must-have baby items

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Are you going to have a baby? However, you need to supply with some essential and must-have baby items in order to properly take care of your newborn.

Cream for nipples

If you breastfeed your baby you will notice an irritation around the nipples. During the first days of breastfeeding, the pain and irritation are more intense, but the skin gradually gets used to it. In any case, it would be best to treat your nipples with creams that either prevent or heal any skin irritation. They have anti-irritant and soothing properties, accelerating skin rejuvenation. They are safe, do not cause allergies, nor alter the baby’s sense of breastfeeding.

Diaper cream

Prefer pure creams containing zinc oxide, that take care of the skin. Diaper creams create a protective barrier, reducing the moisture of the skin and the appearance of irritations while reducing the appearance of microbes.

Baby Shampoo and Shower Gel

Choose a pure formula that cleans and nourishes the sensitive skin of your baby, protecting it from irritation and dryness. Definitely, a product that does not cause tears does not contain preservatives and perfumes is the ideal choice.

Baby wipes

It would be ideal to be able to bathe your baby every time you change it, but this is not possible. Baby wipes will help you both to change the diaper and to clean your baby’s delicate skin, even when you are away from home. They help in your child’s daily care and, thanks to moisturizing ingredients and herbal extracts, they take care of the skin, leaving it with a soft feel. Choose organic cotton wipes, with no perfume, alcohol and preservatives.

Nasal aspirator

They relieve nasal congestion and help your baby to better breath, by removing the mucus. They are safe, with an ergonomic shape and they safely draw nasal mucus without hurting the nose.


The accumulation of gases in the intestine causes an intense pain and makes your baby anxious. There are gels and creams on the market that, thanks to their composition help in better bowel movement, excretion of gases as well as relieving intestinal colics.

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