Weight loss with natural way

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  Weight loss seems to be a difficult and tedious process. Although basal metabolism is largely determined by genetic background and lifestyle, there are certain natural ingredients which can increase temporally basal metabolism mainly through thermogenesis effect.

 Thermogenesis is the amount of energy which is discharged as heat to the environment. Among the natural compounds that can affect metabolism are green coffee, green tea, black pepper and capsaicin.

Green tea

  The main active ingredients in green tea are catechins, which belong to flavonoids. Catechins have strong antioxidant activity, diuretic effect, while increase thermogenesis and the action of pancreatic lipase, an enzyme involved in the metabolism of fat. Catechins stimulate fat metabolism and seems to affect the distribution of body fat by reducing visceral fat (abdominal area). The thermogenic effect of green tea is probably due to the synergistic effect of caffeine and catechins.

Green coffee

 The active compound of coffee is chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid (GCA) is present at non-roasted coffee beans and is characterized by high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Studies have shown that caffeine affects the metabolism of fat and sugars and in combination with antioxidant compounds increases daily energy losses. Green coffee also increases diuresis thus helps reducing fluid retention and swelling.


 Capsaicin is a natural compound that is found in red peppers and gives a distinctive spicy/pungent taste in foods. Hot substances have been observed to temporally alter metabolic rate by increasing it up to 25%. An additional benefit of capsaicin taking is the reduction of appetite and also faster satiety.

Black pepper

 Black pepper contains the active substance piperine. Some studies indicate that piperine inhibits the formation of new mature adipocytes and mobilizes existing adipocytes when combined with a balanced diet.

 The dietary supplement of Specchiasol Peso Balance contains all the above natural components, constituting an advanced weight loss formula. The combination of the above ingredients is called Green4Fit and promotes weight and fat reduction with a natural easy way.


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