Dry hands, no more!

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Hand skin is exposed daily to dirt, sun, cold, cosmetics and detergents. In winter, the skin of hands often, due to rough weather, becomes dry, degydrated and cracked.

  When the epidermal barrier is destroyed and skin is unable to further retain any water and becomes dry. In severe cases, there is bleeding, itching and pain. There is a wide variety of hand creams in the market and ideally can be used after hand washing. Creams contain substances that bind water molecules and offer hydration to the skin or create a protective barrier to protect the skin against external factors.

   Substances that moisturize the skin are vaseline, lanolin, hyaluronic acid, various mineral and herbal oils (almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil) and glycerin. For very dry and cracked skin, urea, St. John’w Wort oil and lactic acid relieve and deeply hydrate the skin. Oil of vitamin E can also provide relief and nourishment to the chapped winter hands. In cases of very dry skin, you can apply a sufficient amount of cream to your hands, wear gloves and sleep.

Tips for beautiful and healthy hands:

  • Do not use hand antimicrobial products with irritated hands, especially those containing alcohol.
  • Avoid contact with detergents when doing work or cleaning
  • Use gloves
  • Do not wash your hands with very hot water
  • Soak your hands daily with moisturizing creams

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