Zevioo Privacy Policy

1. User anonymity
Anonymous information may be disclosed at times regarding facts about user patterns. This information will only represent user statistics for advertising purposes. We do not know what you search for on search engines. We only know what you search for within our site. We may provide cookie and a deidentified data to trusted partners, this data is used for matching to other data about you to improve the relevance of online advertising and personalisation. Your actual email address is at no time shared with our 3rd party partners.

2. Age requirements - 16 or older
We require our users to be 16 or older and anyone using the site must adhere to this rule. We never knowingly allow children under 16 to post personal information on our site.

3. Right to be forgotten
Upon request via the contact information stated on this page, we shall inform you of the purpose of the processing; who receives the information and from where the information originates. Requests regarding the above shall only be processed if more than 6 months have lapsed since your previous request, unless you can substantiate a special interest in obtaining the information earlier.

4. Correction and deletion
If you discover that the information which Braincandy SA. as the data controller process on you is incorrect or misleading we recommend that you - if possible - make the correction of such errors yourself. You may at any time correct or delete any content and information on the Website for which you are the data controller by emailing support@zevioo.com. When your profile is deleted, all the data associated with your user profile is deleted, including your master data and reviews on the Website. If you delete a review on the Website, the review is permanently deleted. We reserve the right to block the access to your profile and/or delete your profile, if the profile or the content of your profile on the Website in our assessment is discriminating, racist, sexually oriented, unethical, threatening, offensive, harassing or in other ways violates the legislation, third party rights or the purpose of the Website. If we block the use of your profile, you shall be informed hereon, as well as on the reason for blocking the access, by email to the address you have stated in your profile.

5. Changes in the Privacy Policy
We may at any time and without notice make changes to its privacy policy with future effect. We shall inform the users of the Website of such changes when the users log on to the Website. You agree that the continued use of the Website after any posted modified version of the Privacy Policy is your acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy.

6. Enquires
If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to update, delete, or change any Personal Information you've submitted on the Website, please use our contact form to get in touch. In addition, you are welcome to contact Braincandy SA. on the following address:

5 Nav. Nikodimou st.
Syntagma, 10558,
Telephone: +30 2103319960, Email: support@zevioo.com