At we often participate in sporting events, and all our members have athletic spirit! We thus share the zeal of many athletes and their courage to take part in recognised races. So, for several years now, we have made the decision to stand up to the effort of young people in sports such as track, cycling, triathlon and much more!

We regularly provide many athletes with the nutritional supplements they need for their daily workouts and equipment. In addition, we support sports unions as well as sporting events.

Our sponsorships are increasing every year, so those who want to collaborate with us can contact us! Here are some of the athletes with whom we maintain an excellent partnership:

Ilias Tsortouktsidis,

21 years old

Mountain Cycling Athlete (mtb) and member of the National Team as well as athlete of Scott Goldstar Sports Racing Team!

Some of his recent successes are:


  • 1st place in the Northern Greece Men's Mountain Bike Championship 2019 at XCO

  • 1st place in Northern Greece Men's Individual Timed Road Championship 2019

  • 2nd place in the 2019 Northern Greece Men's Endurance Championship

  • 2nd place in the men's 2019 mountain bike international race in Serbia

  • 3rd place in the 2019 Men's National Championship in the Olympic XCO.

  • 3rd place in the Men's 2019 Panhellenic Championship in the XCE (ELIMINATOR)

  • 1st place in the 2017 Panhellenic Mountain Bike Championship

  • 2nd place in the Balkan Teen Mountain Bike Championship 2017 enhances Ilias' effort by supporting hid diet with nutritional supplements!