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Lecithin, your ally in weight loss

Weight loss may seem a difficult procedure for many people, but lecithin may be your best ally. What about lecithin …
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Battle of superfoods: Goji Berries vs Cranberries

   Goji Berries or Cranberries? Even both are well known superfoods and belong the family of berries, their properties vary significantly. …
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Battle of superfoods: Wheatgrass vs Chlorella

Wheatgrass or chlorella? We all want a powerful immune system, full of energy. There are several herbs that improve body’s functions, …
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Epimedium Macun the natural aphrodisiac

   Epimedium macun is a plant that grows mainly in regions of Asia. Traditionally in Chinese medicine has been used …
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Common side effects of cosmetics

A shiny skin without imperfections is the powerful weapon of female beauty. However, cosmetics, and especially makeup, often cause various …
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Battle of superfoods: Spirulina vs Sea buckthorn

  Spirulina or sea buckthorn? Although, both are superfoods, there are some differences that make them special and unique.  As superfoods …
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Glucosamine, the solution to chondropathy

   Among the most common health problems today, which afflicts a lot of people daily, is chondropathy. Chondropathy is a …
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Quinoa, the queen of cereals

   Among the most known and famous superfoods, is quinoa. Quinoa, also known as Chisiya, derives from a bush and according …
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Theat the cough of your child with herb syrups

  Οne of the most common condition, especially among children, during winter is cough. Often it lasts a few days, however, …
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Sunstroke, symptoms and treatment

   Sunstroke and heat exhaustion are quite common during summer. Αlthough we look up for heat and sun during summer vacation, …
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