Why sunscreen in the winter?

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  If you have just come back from the first day at ski and you’ve looked yourself in the mirror … then you know why! We may not have seen much of a  summer this year in Greece- you see the climate became tropical, every afternoon we had rain – yet now it’s time for sunscreen!

  Yes, you didn’t lose your money, you will now use summer’s sunscreen! We may have linked it only with our summer holidays, but how many of us know that sand reflects 25% of UV radiation while snow can exceed 80%? Also, the higher the altitude, the stronger the UV rays. That explains the sunburned faces of the skiers and the snowboarders in their return from the mountain!

UVA: They’ll find you wherever you go!

  If you think that because the days are smaller and a few clouds appeared in the sky you can look fearlessly the sun in the eyes, mislead misery! Research has shown that UVA is here both winter and summer, both in rain and snow. It’s like  all-weather! Through the clouds, your glasses and of course your skin!

  The result is the production of free radicals, which reduce collagen in the skin and thus cause skin loose and wrinkles. Besides, we have hyperchromatosis at various points, leading to the well-known spots. It is not accidental that depending on the carside we sit and the sun hits us, there will be our first spots. If this isn’t new to you choose an anti-spot sunscreen.

   So the use of sunscreen looks salvation for a glowing and beautiful skin. Women in Asia, where all beauty secrets begin, avoid sunshine and refresh their sunscreen every 20 minutes (!) In order to have a flawless and youthful skin! Its one of the best secrets for anti-aging.

UVB: And if they burn you?

   Although they account for only 5% of the radiation reaching the Earth, UVBs are the radiation that is responsible for your tan or burning. They do not penetrate the glass or the clouds, but if they do and reach you they can become very dangerous, since they are a major factor of melanoma.

   So keep on using your sunscreen in winter too. If you are engaging in winter sports or your work is exposed to outdoor weather conditions (eg fishing, farm work), select a high UV-index and do not forget some extra stick for the sensitive areas: eyes, nose, cheeks and ears! Otherwise, a smaller UV-index is enough for your everyday life in the city. If you belong in the category that “doesn’t have time”, you can choose a moisturizer or a foundation with UV protection.

In Vita4you.gr you will find a great variety in sunscreens for face and body! So boost yourselves and look the sun in the eyes!


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