Which deodorant is the right one for me?

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Many of us often wonder when we will finally find the right deodorant for us! We have tried new releases, but again we are not 100% satisfied. The choices are so many that we often get confused and end up getting the aroma we like instead of the one meeting our needs! But how do we know what suits us?

There are many categories of deodorants to satisfy even the most demanding. For some duration matters, for others the ingredients and for many how pleasant the aroma of deodorant is.

Deodorant Vs Antiperspirant

There are many who wonder what is the difference between these two terms and what is best for them. So the deodorant, mainly fights the smell of the body, giving us a sense of freshness. The antiperspirant, on the other hand, blocks the sweat while it takes enough time to act, so don’t put it on last minute before you go out. On the packaging you will find the definition of antiperspirant or antitranspirante. Pay attention to this, as many times the term “deodorant” prevails for the whole range of products.

Let’s look at some of the most popular categories:

Deodorant for intense sweating

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis and stamps at your t-shirts are your permanent problem, then a long-lasting deodorant is the right choice for you. Often you will see on the packaging the duration of protection: 48h or even 72h.

Deodorant for sensitive skin

If you often notice pimples on your armpits or irritation, itching or other discomfort, opt for a deodorant for sensitive skin, which is alcohol and fragrance-free. If the condition does not subside, it may be some fabrics that irritate your skin and perhaps a visit to your dermatologist may be a good idea.

Deodorant Crystal

Lately, crystal deodorant has gained ground as a more natural choice. It is a natural mineral salt found in solid or liquid form. If it is the classic solid crystal it needs to be wet before using it to avoid irritating the skin. Many prefer it as it contains no alcohol, fragrance, strong chemicals, and is usually aluminum-free.

Deodorant aluminum-free

But apart from the crystal, there are also many deodorants that are now available without aluminum. Although there are no official studies yet to blame it, it is considered by most to be a more natural choice. Usually, most organic deodorants are aluminum-free, but now even big cosmetic companies have begun to release deodorants aluminum-free, following the consumer trend.

Spray, roll-on or cream?

Fortunately nowadays one will find a wide range even in packages, in order to suppress what suits him. Even the same product will often be found in spray form, but also in roll-on. Deodorant creams are usually stronger products for very intense sweating, and you will also find many deodorant stickers

How important are the clothes we wear?

Very! Often, we resent the countless deodorants we have tried and wonder what is wrong with our body. We believe that the right deodorant has not yet been invented to meet our needs, while in fact the problem starts with the clothes we wear!

The quality of the fabric and how tight it is on us are key factors in sweating. It’s no coincidence that sometimes we sweat almost instantly with a particular blouse we wear. Our skin needs to breathe, so choose the fabrics that come into contact with it carefully!

Generally, give your body the attention it needs and observe the signs it sends you. Read the deodorant labels to understand what each one has to offer and whether it fits your needs.


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