Treat first wrinkles

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First wrinkles and fine lines are the first signs of aging and they are quite unpleasant. They are mainly created in the face, where there are large contractions of the skin as a result of facial expressions. Is there any way to delay their appearance?


Where are the first wrinkles detected?

First wrinkles are located mainly between the eyebrows, in the crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eye area), at the sides of the nose and around the mouth. At first, they become visible only with facial expressions, but slowly they become more visible, deep and intense. The appearance of wrinkles is inevitable, however, we can largely either delay their appearance or soften and diminish them. See 5 simple steps to prevent first wrinkles.


Proper hydration

“Proper hydration of face and neck takes place in the morning and in the evening, on clean skin.”

Deep and systematic hydration of facial skin is the most basic step for a firmer and elastic skin. Reduced hydration of the skin leads to reduces skin elasticity, resulting in poor skin contractility. As a result, the skin does not return to its original condition and wrinkles are starting to form. Hydration is the main step of prevention of expression wrinkles. However, even after the first wrinkles appear, facial hydration is absolutely necessary as it slows down their further development or even the appearance of new ones. Hydration of the skin starts at a very young age and varies depending on the type of skin and age.


Plenty of water and rich nutrition

“Drink plenty of liquids and eat fruits and vegetables daily.”

Hydration of the skin is not the only goal of a good and enhanced cosmetic cream. Even if the newest cosmetic products can largely “forgive” any nutritional errors, nothing can replace the nutritional value of food and water. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most important molecules of the epidermis, which has the ability to retain many water molecules. Correspondingly, vitamin C is essential for collagen production. Reduced water intake leads to decreased skin density, while reduced intake of vitamins and trace elements makes the skin more prone to wrinkles and contractions.


Diminish first wrinkles

“Use the appropriate face cream in order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles from an early age, especially if you are very expressive.”

The appearance of facial expression wrinkles is to some extent inevitable. It is advisable to use specialized wrinkle products for the first wrinkles, which usually contain ingredients that activate collagen production, feed the skin with hyaluronic acid and reduce skin contractions, creating a smooth skin.



“Stop or at least significantly reduce smoking.”

Perhaps one of the most important factors for the prevention of wrinkles is smoking. Tobacco use, in addition to harmful effects on the health, has a bad effect even on the epidermis. People who smoke a lot or even for many years have significantly more intense wrinkles from an early age.


Solar radiation

“Daily use of sunscreen every 2-3 hours, on winter and summer.”

The sun is one of the worst enemies of the epidermis. Sunscreen protection is not only a mean of protecting skin cells from oxidative damage caused by UV radiation but also helps maintain hydration and prevent aging. Strong skin contractions, high temperatures, and inadequate use of sunscreen create wrinkles, which in the long run are becoming worse.

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