Top cosmetics for immediate lifting before your evening out!

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liftingWe often wonder if there is something we can do at the last minute, just a few moments before an evening out or an important event. Many don’t want any cosmetic surgery, but still want a drastic change in their skin. Are there cosmetic products that can help us?

And yet there are! The result may not be permanent, but it does last some time. For most – men and women – this is overwhelming, as they usually just want to shine for a certain occasion. What are the cosmetics that can do this little miracle on our skin?

1.Frezyderm Instant Lifting Serum. Many swear by its name, as it promises what says: instant lifting! This is an instant firming facial serum that can save us the last minute! The marine biopolymer it contains creates an invisible face mask. The result? Immediate “pull”, smooth skin, wrinkle relief and reduced relaxation.

Frezyderm instant lifting is a face serum that thanks to its special composition strengthens the connective tissue and makes the skin elastic and radiant. Apply 15’ before your cream or makeup or even after the cream for a more intense effect. Avoid friction or massage, just make gentle movements from the center of the face outward. Leave on for 10′ and avoid intense movements, such as laughing or chewing.

2.Lierac Lift Integral Masque Lift Flash. An ultra-intense beauty mask that instantly stimulates and tightens facial features. Thanks to a combination of aesthetic lifting and injection techniques and ingredients such as purple tulip extract, mahogany and Hyalu-3 complex, the result is dazzling!

It contains twice the concentration of firming ingredients compared to the cream in the series, so it is not applied every day. It’s a product for the times we want to look brighter than ever! The unique glow it gives is due to the pearl it contains. Apply to dry skin and allow it to act for 5-10 minutes.

3.Inca Rose Bio Mask Instant Lifting. A sheet mask with 100% organic herbal extracts and hyaluronic acid. Apply on your face for 10′ and then gently remove it. Dampen the excess mask and do not rinse. The face quickly looks younger, shiny, with a visibly improved tone. The skin tightens and wrinkles decrease. Use it on a weekly basis.

4.Korres Goji Berry Instant Firming & Lifting Mask. A rich face mask with goji berry extract that gives immediate firming & lifting effect! Thanks to its antioxidants, it gives the skin a sense of rejuvenation and radiance. Allow to stand for 10’ and then rinse. Make your skin elastic and youthful, with lasting comfort. Ideal in cases of lack of firmness.

Whatever you choose, please remember: What will make you shine more is a bright smile!

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