Tips to deal with crow’s feet

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Eye wrinkles (crow’s feet) are signs of aging. Although wrinkles are an integral part of an expressive face, they are definitely undesirable. For this reason, the cosmetics industry has invested in creating beauty products that aim to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes. But how can we prevent crow’s feet?


What are crow’s feet?

The term “crow’s feet” refers to the wrinkles on the outer corners of the eyes, over time. Their name comes from the animal’s leg as their appearance looks like it. Eye wrinkles are created by the contraction of the facial muscles and as we are getting old, they become more intense and deeper.


Causes of eye wrinkles

Dehydration and reduced elasticity

The main cause of crow’s feet are expressions in relation to the loss of elasticity of the epidermis. According to studies, as we age, collagen production, elastin production, and the number of sebaceous glands are reduced. As a result, the skin around the eyes, which is particularly thin, loses its ability to return to its original condition. Laugh, anger and anxiety are few of the expressions that use the muscles around the eyes and exacerbate the depth of wrinkles.


Sun exposure, due to the effects of UV radiation and expressions we make when exposed to sunlight, is a key factor of crow’s feet. Studies have shown that chronic sun exposure without proper protection accelerates the process of aging of the eyes, making the skin more dull, dry and more deeply wrinkled.


It is known that smoking and smoke cause damages to the skin (decreased tissue oxygenation, dryness and increased oxidative stress). The skin of those who smoke for many years has significantly more and deeper wrinkles than the skin of non-smokers. In addition, the skin of smokers has higher nutrient requirements, in order to compensate for the oxidative damage caused by tobacco and its products.


What to do for the crow’s feet

1. Use sunscreen all year round

Sun protection is the first and most important step to protect the skin around your eyes. Many times, while applying sunscreen throughout the face, we avoid the area around the eyes, resulting in irreversible damage gradually and over the years. Apply daily sunscreen for sensitive areas around the eyes and lips. The effect of ultraviolet radiation exists even when there is no sunshine, as in the autumn and winter months. Look for sunscreens with natural filters, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Irrespective of your sunscreen, it is also necessary to use sunglasses.


2. Apply eye cream every morning – evening

Hydration is one of the most important steps in skin care. Many times, either for reasons of economy or negligence, we apply face cream to the eyes. However, the eye area is particularly sensitive and the skin is very thin. It is advisable to use special eye creams according to your age and skin needs. Most creams intended for crow’s feet are enriched with anti-aging and antioxidant compounds. In addition, they feed the skin with elements that help the skin regain its lost elasticity. Their daily use can significantly delay the appearance of wrinkles in the crow’s feet, but also soothe wrinkles.


3. Sleep as long as you need

If sleep makes you wonder how it can be associated with facial wrinkles, the answer is simple. During sleep, skin restoration and regeneration processes are performed. Chronic stress, lack of sleep combined with poor nutrition and reduced quality of life, speed up cell aging processes. So save time and sleep as much as your body needs.


4. Quit smoking

The reasons for someone to quit smoking are many and serious and definitely outweigh the severity of wrinkles. However, if your health so far has not been an incentive to stop this harmful habit, it may be your beauty. After the first month of quitting smoking, you will see the changes in your skin. Your skin will be more hydrated, it will regain its shine. What would you say to try it out?


5. Proper cleansing and demake-up

A good make-up can camouflage skin imperfections and cover wrinkles. However, you should remove it properly. Air pollutants, smoke and make-up are some of the reasons to cleanse your eyes every day. Choose a soft make-up remover and eye cleanser and clean your eyes with gentle circular movements.


6. Drink plenty of water

Moisturizing is not only achieved with a good eye cream. Even if eye creams can deeply and effectively hydrate the skin around the eyes, none can substitute for the role of water. Water should become your daily beauty companion, as it is necessary to create and produce collagen and elastin. Consume at least 1.5 liters of water daily and you’ll see how your skin will please you!


7. Eat fruit and vegetables

Food is not only a source of energy but also of nutrients. The body needs nutrients to neutralize free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and produce elastin and collagen. Vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants are the substrates of the body to maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin. So, if you want to keep a youthful and beautiful skin, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day, adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet.


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