The secret to avoid negative feelings everyday!

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To be precise, the secret has become in our days … a common secret. We hear it and we read about it everywhere, everyone is telling us- friends, colleagues, relatives and almost the majority of the people who are family, the privatel and the wider environment we live in.

Think positive! Yes, this is the secret: positive thinking! Easy? Not always! Applicable? Absolutely! Some training and insistence are needed and we ‘ll learn to see things from their positive side, smile even to difficulties and enjoy more the good things we have in our lives.


How we make positive thinking a way of life

The truth is that we have learned to focus on the problems, the negativities and the difficulties we encounter. We need a strategic plan, organization and, above all determination to get away from the influence of negative thoughts, which, in most cases, are the accusations of our frightened imagination. It is important to recognize the moments we are overwhelmed by negative thoughts, to realize and accept the fact that we are surrendered to their strength and take steps to get them out of our minds and our lives.


Take care of your thoughts

Negative thoughts are a distortion of a situation or the result of an absurd way of perceiving things. Try to see them from afar, as if you are watching a theatrical play. Do not let them take over your mind. Imagine they look like leaves that water takes away from you and your life. Accept them, understand them and say goodbye to them letting them leave.


Do not fall into their trap

When you feel you have fallen into the trap of negative thinking, move your body. There are many ways. Go out for walking, running, exercise at home, dance, clear your closets that overflow – this will definitely be a great deal for your mind- if you have a garden or a balcony with flowers, take care of them a little bit more. Let your body take control and transfer your mind to another place.


Avoid things that awaken negative thoughts

By discovering the things that create negative thoughts, you have a plan on how to deal with them. Negative thoughts may be hidden in a song, or in a piece of music, in a person or in a company. Avoid them and whoever you think puts you in this process.


Say yes to positive people

Positive people are not the ones who have no problems. Contrariwise they have, but they choose to resolve them by focusing on their positive side. To these people we say yes, we want them in our lives, in our company. We can ask them to initiate us in their own positive way of thinking, so that we can see life more optimistically.


Nobody is perfect

As long as others may look perfect, know this: Nobody is perfect, no matter how … he believes it. It is the flow of life, the process of our evolution as entities and personalities to learn from our mistakes. Moving forward is the right choice, it fills us with power. Nothing can change for what has already been done, no matter how much we sadden.

We focus on the gifts we have, on our capabilities and most important on our future!


Negative thoughts with expiration date

Even if you think they will always be in your mind, be aware that negative thoughts are consumable and short in duration, as long as we don’t challenge them or constantly invite them. They take their strength from us. Take it back and you will see them disappear!


Grab your pencil and make notes

Make your favorite coffee, find a quiet place at home or in your favorite café, where you will not be bothered by anyone and put your alarm clock in fifteen minutes. Start recording without stopping the causes that spoil your calm and make you think negatively. Do not pay attention to calligraphy or spelling. This is not the point. Immerse yourself for a while in the whirl of your negative thoughts that affect you and when the alarm rings stop writing. When the time is over, take the paper and burn it, without even reading it. The tension will disappear and the result will calm you down.


A date with yourself

Really, how many of us are discussing with ourselves? Not in order to judge and criticize him, but to talk to him, like talking to our best friend. Maybe it’s time to thank him for what he offered us and for the effort that makes us come out of the bludgeon of negative thoughts?


Feel grateful for what you have

They are the little things that repetition, routine and everyday life are diminishing their value. Nothing is for sure, life is small, and yes, many times unfair. We can’t change the world, but we can change the way we face it, protect ourselves and allow them to be happy and grateful for what they have. If we don’t love ourselves properly, how will others do it?


We eat… anxiolytics

B vitamins – 8 in total – are found in many foods. They can help us to boost our psychology, feel better and get some energy so that we can wake up and take action! Foods rich in B vitamins, such as nuts, can act as natural anxiolytics. If you can’t include them in your daily menu, you can search for nutritional supplements that contain them.


Think Positive

Nothing is easy, however, we can have a better quality of life by making simple steps. Proper nutrients can help us deal with everyday tensions in a positive way and not mishandle our mood.

Now, the power of nature and the power of positive thinking work together in a unique nutritional supplement that focuses on the need to cope with the difficult and demanding daily routine. Think Positive: the new innovative Platinum Range product from Power Health. It is a synergistic formula with suffran and rhodiola extracts, which are traditionally used to improve mood, and vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12 which contribute to normal nervous system function as well as to normal psychological function. Now you know: Be optimistic with Think Positive! Because your power is in your thoughts!


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