Sunscreens for brown spots

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Do you use sunscreen but do you still have brown spots? Extreme sun exposure, sensitive skin, pregnancy and freckles are some of the cases that exacerbate the appearance of brown spots on the skin. But how can you prevent them?


What are the brown spots on my skin?

They are persistent brown stains that are mainly found in the areas that are exposed mostly to the sun, like face, shoulders and hands. They are called brown spots, while scientifically you can also meet them with the term melasma or hyperpigmentation. They are a kind of photoaging and the result of chronic exposure to ultraviolet radiation. They are a summer phenomenon that subsides in winter, however, if they are not properly treated, they can become permanent.


What causes brown spots?

Chronic exposure to the sun cause damages to the cells that produce melanin. Melanin is the natural folter of the skin against ultraviolet radiation. When melanocytes are damaged or deregulated, they produce more melanin than normal, even when sun exposure is limited. The damage is usually cumulative, it starts from the deeper layers of skin and gradually extends to the surface, especially when there is no adequate sun protection.



Which skin types are more vulnerable to brown spots?

The exact causes that lead to brown spot formation have not been ascertained yet, but some people and certain skin types appear to be more susceptible than others. The most common factors that lead to the appearance of brown spots are:

  • hormonal problems
  • pregnancy
  • using contraceptive pills
  • menopause
  • heredity
  • age
  • skin with freckles
  • photosensitive skins


Prevention of brown spots

If brown spots are treated properly and on time, they can recede significantly and not reappear. The use of specialized sunscreen with a high protection index is the only effective way to prevent the appearance of stains and spots or at least to reduce the intensity of the chromatic lesions.


Which sunscreen can I choose for brown spots?

Use sunscreen daily even when there is no apparent sunshine. The protection index should be at least 15 SPF during winter, while at least 30 SPF during summer. If you are prone to brown spots, then in periods of intense sunshine you should use sunscreen with 50 SPF.

Choose a sunscreen with photostable filters to prevent photoaging of the skin and broad-spectrum filters against both UVA and UVB radiation. Sunscreen against brown spots also come in color, so they can provide effective coverage of brown spots and even protect your skin.

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