Smart tips for Summer Makeup!

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Summer, sun, airy dresses and carefree walks under the stars! The most blithe time of the year is here and the makeup has its honor, since our exits seem to multiply!

Good weather prompts us to spend hours outside home and the right makeup is one of the first issues that concern us before we step outside! How do we achieve a beautiful cool summer look? Discover smart tips for a light summer makeup and shine this summer!

1. Start with hydration

Perhaps the most basic step for a healthy skin is good moisturizing after facial cleansing! Choose a moisturizing cream that suits your needs and feel comfortable with your skin all day long! Ideally, find an oil-free composition to avoid oiliness and shine.

2. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Essential step especially during summer months, when our skin is exposed to strong solar radiation every day! The sunscreen will protect you from premature aging, while a light texture can be an excellent base for your makeup.

3. Less is more

  No one wants an overloaded face in the summer. Even many experts consider foundation unnecessary and suggest using a little concealer wherever needed it or preferring a BB cream!

4. Bronzer for shine

Must product of summer, gives a special shine to the skin making it look distinctively sunny! For a fresh look, emphasize where the sun hits: nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

Powder bronzer is easier to spread. Choose one with a combination of shades that can be blended for a more authentic result.

Extra tip

Put a little Bronzer on the neck and ear lobes especially if you have short hair or a ponytail!

5. Play with colors

Summer is the ideal time to play with colors in makeup. Leave black pencils and smokey eyes for the winter and experiment with colored mascara and bright eyeshadows. Do not forget to make your lips juicy, avoiding the tight contour with Lipliners and prefering Lip Butters in vibrant summer colors!

6. Rosy cheeks

Who wouldn’t want a healthy look on her cheeks like if she has just finished her workout or even better as if the first frowns of love have just visited her? Ruddy cheeks are synonymous with our summer teenage years and are our ultimate ally for a cool summer look!

Choose coral and soft pink shades and do not overdo it. Your goal is a natural healthy result, like if someone just pinch your cheek!

7. Setting spray in the end!

Do not forget to stabilize your makeup with a special setting spray, as the heat and intense moisture in the summer months are your enemy! Now there are plenty of moisturizing mists that can be used at any time for a fresh look while moisturizing and toning your skin!

So live the magic of the summer, play with colors and do not overload your skin with excessive makeup. Some discreet movements can give you the most natural glowing effect!

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