Reduce your appetite and lose weight quickly and easily

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The biggest enemies of slimming are increased appetite and binge eating that often sabotage and make it harder to lose weight. How can we limit this craving for food and easily lose excess weight?

As obesity rates are rising, it has become necessary to find substances that will help increase satiety and thus improve weight management. Many substances and medicines have been studied at times, but few have been considered safe and effective. Supplements that cause a feeling of satiety, actually create bloating, which reduces appetite and prevents increased food consumption.


Glucomannan – Konjac

It is a nutritional supplement from the roots of Amorphophallus Konjac, which grows mainly in Asia. It is essentially an insoluble plant fiber (polysaccharide), which can not be digested and absorbed in the intestine and is fermented by gut bacteria. As a fiber, it has the capacity to absorb 100-200 times its weight in water. The result is, when consumed with enough water, to create a gel and increase saturation and bloating. In practice, this leads to less food and calorie consumption and thereby, a reduction of weight. In addition, konjac reduces the absorption of fats and sugars and also helps with constipation.


Yacon root

It comes from the plant Smallanthus Sonchifolius in South Africa. It looks like a sweet potato while its taste reminds a pear. Its effect on appetite lies in its rich composition in polysaccharides (FOS). Polysaccharides are prebiotics which are a source of energy for the intestinal bacteria and enhance intestinal microflora. Studies have shown that they reduce appetite in overweight and obese people, resulting in fewer calories intake.


Hoodia gordonii

Cactus plant, which grows primarily in the deserts of South Africa. Traditionally, it was used to reduce appetite in times when access to food was not feasible. It helps reduce appetite by increasing saturation, but its effect did not seem to be confirmed by all studies and it is considered less effective compared to other ingredients with similar properties.


Garcinia Cambogia

Its anti-obesity effect is due to hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which helps reduce appetite, reduces lipogenesis and increases fat oxidation. HCA affects many metabolic pathways that suppress appetite, such as serotonin levels, glucose uptake and leptin levels.



  • Small and frequent meals
  • Consume enough protein in every main meal
  • Increase fiber consumption
  • Increase fluid consumption

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