Pregnancy, how to treat body changes

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Birth, anxiety, breastfeeding, lack of sleep and poor nutrition are factors that affect both mental and the physical health of a new mother. The body has undergone many changes to accommodate and grow the fetus for 9 months, thus it takes some months to recover after birth.

Weight gain

Weight gain is probably the biggest change a new mother will observe in her body. A first step is to prevent any sudden weight gain during pregnancy. After birth, the body will lose some pounds, but it takes time to fully recover. At the time of breastfeeding, you should start a structured diet program that will help you lose weight faster.


If you were used to go to the gym, it would be a good idea to continue exercising during pregnancy. Exercise will maintain your shape, help you gain weight at a lower rate and restore more quickly after pregnancy.

Loose abdominal skin

It is very natural after childbirth to notice intense relaxation of the skin or even to continue to have the appearance of the pregnant woman. The reason is that the muscles are stretched vigorously during pregnancy and take some time until their tendency returns. Until you lose the extra weight you gained and fluid retention subsides, you can use special tightening creams.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are created on the skin when there is a sudden increase in weight, but the skin does not grow that quickly. This leads to a “break” of the skin and stretch marks appear. During pregnancy, you should use special creams and moisturizing oils that increase the elasticity of the skin and help it to better adapt to rapid changes. If stretch marks have already appeared, the best time to deal with them is when they are still red. After giving birth, it is advisable to use special creams that help skin restore its firmness and elasticity, but they should be used daily for several weeks.


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