Pregnancy and Sea: Where to pay attention on?

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Summer is one of the most beautiful periods! Pregnancy as well! 2 in 1, if we see this from its positive side! Certainly, intense temperatures and sunshine require a lot of attention, but yet with the right plan you can enjoy your pregnancy at the most carefree time of the year!

It is true that in pregnancy we have many body changes and even more questions about what is right and what is not, what things want attention and how freely we can do what we used to. However, don’t panic, as it is enough to change a bit your rhythms and get informed! So what needs attention?

Pregnancy and swimming in the sea

Swimming is one of the most ideal exercises in pregnancy, as it relaxes us, helps with swollen legs and relieves from the heat. However, it is advisable to avoid bathing in cold or deep water for safety reasons.

Also, always swim with companion so you can get immediate help if you feel unwell. If you have a cramp, while swimming you do not have to panic. Turn on your back and buoyancy will do its job! Relax, take some breaths and soon will pass.

Generally, follow your doctor’s advice as he may limit your swimming the last month. Also, a guideline that you’ve often heard, but it’s time to take it seriously, is to visit the sea in the morning or afternoon hours when the sun is not very strong.

Still, it’s good to stay in the water 10-15 minutes and make sure your motions are mild. Also, prefer to slowly enter the water, especially if you are warmed up so that there is no sudden temperature change in the body.

Sea VS Swimming Pool

Nature beats again! It is much preferable to enjoy swimming in the sea compared to a swimming pool where you can not be sure about the hygiene conditions. The risk of urinary tract infection lies in a swimming pool that many people have access to. If it’s a private one that you know is clean, then you can enjoy your bath with more safety.

Even in the sea, however, you need to pay attention. Avoid sitting on the sand or on the seaside to avoid any infection. For the same reason change your swimsuit immediately after swimming and take care of the hygiene of the sensitive area with good cleansing.

Pregnancy and travel

Summer equals travel. It is the first thing that comes in mind when the sunny days make their appearance. Can we travel without fear or limitations? For some, the sea is a close destination, but for others it is a long trip. Usually travelling is contraindicated in cases where there are problems in pregnancy, but many doctors suggest to avoid long-distance travels in general, so that mother and fetus avoid discomfort.

However, if you are on a normal pregnancy and you need to travel, make frequent stops and walk a bit to avoid immobility for a long time and numbness. If you travel by plane, it is advisable to get your doctor’s agreement, and note that such a trip is usually forbidden in the third trimester of pregnancy.

During the trip, wear the seat belt, but be careful not to press your belly. If pregnancy nausea is a common phenomenon for you, treat yourself a toast or rusk and avoid large meals. Ask your doctor if there are any pills for nausea that can suggest you.

Hat, fan, water!

The triptych of success to cope with the heatwave! Summer sun does not joke and very often we are faced with very high temperatures. To protect your body and your baby, and avoid sunstroke, be sure always to wear a hat when exposing yourself to the sun, preferably one that allows your head to breathe.

Water is your precious ally during pregnancy in the summer! Always have a bottle of water with you and do not wait until you get thirsty to consume it. Often thirst is an indication that dehydration is already here! So stay hydrated with water and cool summer fruits, which you will find abundantly in the warm months.

It is very important to prefer cool rooms, where there is air conditioning or enough air, so that you do not experience discomfort. But since in the summer heat will find you, take care of having a fan or a water spray with you, which will relieve you immediately.

Generally, make sure you enjoy your pregnancy in the summer, expelling the stress. Besides, it is a time when you are entitled to relax and give priority to you. Follow the rhythms of your body and simplify your everyday life!

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