Natural herbs for fluid retention

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Cellulite and fluid retention are the enemies of female beauty. The summer is coming we are trying to find ways to get rid of the orange peel texture of skin and edema.

Although diet and exercise are the cornerstone of the treatment of cellulite, there are many herbs that can help stimulate microcirculation and lymph and reduce swelling and edema.


What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is primarily a “female” phenomenon. According to evidence 9 in 10 women will have some degree of cellulite. It is a skin condition characterized by inflammation and a non-homogeneous texture of the skin. Poor nutrition, increased body weight, sedentary life, smoking, pregnancy, hormonal disorders and poor lymph circulation are some of the causes of cellulite and fluid retention.


Herbs against fluid retention


It is a herb used to treat edema as well as various health conditions. It has strong anti-inflammatory and diuretic action which reduces fluid retention and counteracts swelling and edema.


Birch is known for its detoxifying and decongestant properties. Thanks to the rich composition of birch leaves in potassium salts, it helps to reduce fluid retention, swelling and has diuretic properties. In addition, it strengthens digestion, detoxifies the body and decongests lymph.

Nettle Root

Nettle root, or otherwise known as Stinging nettle, is a wild plant that is traditionally used to treat edema and detoxify the blood. It helps to reduce inflammation by reducing the production of pro-inflammatory molecules, thus reducing swelling and fluid retention. Its action is relatively immediate.


Parsley is mainly used in cooking, however, it can instantly relieve swelling. It contains tannins, flavonoids and other nutrients that reduce inflammation of the skin and have diuretic properties.


Dandelion is mainly used for detoxification of the kidneys. It is used to combat edema, caused by fluid retention and it has mild diuretic action. Dandelion stands out for its decongestant properties because, unlike other diuretic herbs, it does not affect the levels of potassium in the body.


Juniper is known for its detoxifying and decongestant properties. Traditionally, it was used to treat stomach disturbances. Juniper “irritates” the kidneys, thus it has intense diuretic action. It is used in cases of cystitis and edema, but cannot be used for a long time.

Green tea and green coffee

Green tea and green coffee are among the most popular herbs for dealing with fluid retention. They contain many antioxidant compounds, polyphenols and flavonoids, thus they detoxify the body and have strong diuretic action. They enhance metabolism, reduce fluid retention and help in weight loss. They help both in treating and preventing cellulite.

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