Man and Anti-Aging: 3 Basic Steps!

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Most men may dare to take care of their face when wrinkles are already installed on it and their jawline has begun to fall, but the truth is that it is never too late to care about your skin!

Surely, the sooner one does some simple basic things, the better it will be to prevent skin aging. It may still be considered taboo by many, but it is nothing other than daily hygiene and meeting our skin’s needs. Just as our teeth need brushing and our hair shampooing, so does our face need a cream!

If you consider that our face is the part that is constantly exposed to external factors such as sun, air, pollution, etc. you may understand why the first signs of aging appear there! But what are the key steps in our daily care? Women may use hundreds of cosmetics that terrorize most men and consider them excessive, but three basic steps are sufficient:

1.Facial cleansing

It’s time to put aside the soap bar you most use for face washing and use it only for hands! Look at your skin and find a face cleanser that meets your needs. Some have oily skin, others dry skin, while many suffer from black spots and dilated pores.

Nowadays, technology is so advanced that there are specialized products that can help us in various dermatological problems. Read the product description carefully or consult a specialist for the right choice.

2.Face cream

Many people may just enjoy a simple facial wash, but in reality immediately after this, the skin is more in need of hydration than ever. It is no coincidence that after bathing or daily cleansing, we feel our skin pull. This means that a small amount of cream would be salvageable at that time.

Depending on the needs of the skin, there are also the right face creams. At younger ages it is usually enough to just hydrate, and over time you can choose an anti-aging cream. Now, the fact that more and more men are taking care of their face has led many well-known skin care companies to create specialized men’s skin care products.

If you spend several hours outdoors prefer a cream that contains sunscreen as well.

3.Eye cream

Although men’s creams are often for both face and eyes, it is preferable to get two different products: a face cream and an eye cream. Especially, if you are suffering from a particular problem, such as black circles, eye bags or intense wrinkles around eyes, it is best to opt for an eye cream that aims to address this problem.

In addition, if you consider that the skin under our eyes is about 7 times thinner than the rest of the face, it is easy to see why there is a need for different cream texture and fluidity.

Perhaps the most important part is the way we apply our creams. It is not enough to place the product with fast and hasty movements. Prefer movements from the center of the face outward and upward movements from the chin to the temples. Give yourself some time and feel good about it, because you actually take care of yourself!

Get started today and see your mood change day by day! Always when we deal with ourselves our confidence changes!


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