Make your diet healthier after the holidays!

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Delicious meals, sweet cocktails and delicious desserts. Along with laziness, fun and sun exposure, these usually characterize the holidays for most people. It is common to return from vacation with a slightly larger belly and a strong desire to continue eating delicious food. Holidays are a time of relaxation and some eating disorders are allowed but as we return home we have to adapt to our old, home diet.

Weight loss

You may have gained weight. In a TripAdvisor study, 29% of holidaymakers reported gaining weight due to dietary temptations. But do not weigh yourself as soon as you get home so as not to ruin your memories. The good thing is that part of the extra weight can be water due to its retention, because eating ready meals consumed a lot of salt.


On the other hand, you may return dehydrated. You may have drunk more alcohol than usual and sat in the sun for several hours. Now that you are back, reduce your alcohol intake and use juices as a form of adjustment. The best way to adjust, of course, is to drink water both between meals and out of meals – between meals water can quench your cravings for more food.

Good frequency of meals

On holidays when the schedule was relaxed and waking up may not have been so breakfast, you may have eaten your first meal late. In the first days of your return, do not skip breakfast. Instead, choose your old tried-and-true meal, which may include oats, eggs, yogurt, fruit, and whole-grain bread. Avoid processed foods altogether in your breakfast.

You may also have slept late on vacation and eaten late at night. You do not need to continue this. Research has shown that it does not only matter how much we eat but also when we eat. If you are missing out on a meal, it’s best to have dinner because that way fat storage will be less.

Healthy eating and exercise

Say goodbye to junk food and bargains. Make your own food to have a sense of what you eat and of course start eating green meals and salads. You may have eaten salads during your vacation but you probably ate a lot of meat or you preferred skewers. Forget the restaurants and the delivery. Now your homemade food should be green – of course your salads should be colorful – including leafy vegetables rich in fiber. This way you will have the nutrients you may have been missing and a more alkaline system.

Definitely on vacation you drank more soft drinks. Since some of them may have been sugary, you may have developed a slight tendency for sugar and sweet taste. Fruit will help you get back to your normal level by consoling you for the tempting delicacies that no longer exist. You may also have consumed more mood-boosting drinks such as e.g. coffees. Limit coffee and this will increase your hydration.

Definitely more travel during the holidays. Now that you’re back, it’s good to continue to have some significant physical activity. Start exercising. Exercise will put you on your old path. Do not think that you have to go to the gym as punishment for what you ate. Think that exercise will make you feel good and get back to normal as soon as possible.

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