How important is hand hydration?

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Moisturized hands

Water plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy, soft and radiant. Problems begin when the skin loses its natural moisture. The reasons for this can be excessive sun exposure -especially in the summer months- and insufficient fluid intake.

In addition, excessive use of soap and water affect the stratum corneum of the skin, reducing its sealing role resulting in a greater evaporation of water from your skin.

Hands need more protection and hydration from our whole body because they are exposed to the sun more often and can make excessive use of water, soap and disinfectants, especially during the pandemic period. Moisturizers seal in moisture and prevent water loss. When water is not sealed on the skin, your hands may become “dry”.

Why does the skin of the hands show dryness?

Sailing your hands very often – and especially with hot water – increases the loss of natural moisture. The reason is that water acts like a magnet that attracts water from the deeper layers of the skin and evaporates into the dry air. The result is even drier skin. To prevent this from happening, be sure to apply a moisturizing hand cream immediately after washing – even a light layer. The term moisturizer does not mean that water is added to the skin but that it prevents water from evaporating. Moisturizers help to care for the skin because they restore the function of the skin barrier.

Many soaps can remove part of the stratum corneum – the outer layer of the skin – so wash your hands with a soap that has moisturizing protection, for example, a soap with a creamy texture. You should also look for soaps with ingredients such as glycerin and lanolin. Avoid soap bars better because the ingredients that make the soap solid have a high pH, ​​which causes unnecessary dryness. Instead, choose liquid soaps. Regardless of the type of soap you use, try to use it gently when washing your hands.

How is the healthy appearance of the hands restored?

Of course, moisturizers do not solve all the problems. If you see that the skin of your hands tends to be dry you can assume that the use of moisturizer would help. Although this is true, it is possible that your skin is not dry but dehydrated. The skin has a natural lipid barrier that protects against damage and water loss. If you are prone to dry skin, this is a sign that not enough lipid cells are being produced and your skin is having a hard time retaining its moisture. Instead, your skin may be dehydrated, which means your cells do not have enough water.

If your skin is dehydrated, you need to add water to it. Drinking plenty of water during the day is the easiest way to get the moisture your cells want as well as following a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables. You can also look for a moisturizing product with hyaluronic acid which has the ability to hold a quantity of water 1,000 times its own weight.

But water is an ingredient that is not retained in the skin and this applies more to the hands. It evaporates along with the skin’s natural oils and in fact, the more you wash your hands, the more your skin dries. The ideal is to get enough fluids through your diet but also to protect the natural moisture of your hands. It is recommended to use moisturizer after hand washing, before bed and whenever you feel your skin is dry. In the morning, moisturizers should be applied before sunscreen.

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