Herbs for memory and concentration in exams!

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The school year is coming to an end and the exams have come to the forefront! Students are anxious, students are getting insane and everyone is wondering if there is anything that can help in better memory and concentration!

We have searched for you the 5 most effective herbs that can give you a helping hand this last moment and we present them to you:

Herbs for memory


A herb that few know in our places but has been used for centuries in Asian countries and especially in Ayurveda to improve memory, concentration and cognitive function in general. Bacopa or else brahmi seems to contribute to stress management as well, making it ideal for exam periods. Better memory effects seem if taken for 4-12 weeks, however its anxiolytic effect is more immediate (1).

Caution is needed in individuals who have bradycardia, as they may drop pulses, as well as in thyroid individuals, as there is evidence that they can increase secretion of thyroid hormones when bacopa is taken(2).


Rosemary has been known since ancient times to enhance memory. It is also said that students in ancient Greece wore rosemary wreaths in the examinations to improve their concentration. Additionally even Shakespeare says “rosemary is for memory”.

This is confirmed by modern research, according to which the scent of rosemary can enhance memory. A relative study showed that students found in a room with essential oil rosemary in the air achieved better results in a 5-7% memory test (3).

In particular, with Dr Moss, who conducted the research at Northumbria University, the sense of smell in humans is particularly sensitive and sends various messages to the brain. Indeed, there are neurotransmitters associated with memory and stimulated by smells (3)!


Mint has the reputation that it can awaken you both psychologically and spiritually. It wakes you up and fills you with a sense of wellness. In a relatively small study involving 24 healthy young people, supplement with mint oil helped them to perform better in cognitive tests while reducing mental fatigue (4). Other studies have shown that mint tea and essential oil also help while spreading mint oil on the crooks relief from headaches.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is perhaps the first herb that comes in mind for memory enhancement. Although its use is more closely connected with older people, there are now many studies that show its effective properties to young people as well.

Indeed, in participants aged 19-24, it seemed that taking Ginkgo biloba even for one day was able to improve its cognitive functions, such as the speed of attention. Another study in ages 18-30 in a period of 30 days showed that participants had improved their mental clarity, memory and concentration (5).

These properties seem to be due to Ginkgo’s ability to increase blood circulation in the brain, thus protecting it from neurological damages.

Gotu kola

Gotu Kola or Centella asiatica is known as the “student’s herb” in the exotic Bali, as it “sharpens” the mind! It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic Medicine to enhance brain function, such as memory and concentration.

Its extract appears to help repair many damages in the brain while at the same time increases acetylcholine levels in it (6). In addition, research shows that Gotu kola also contributes to stress management (7)!

So find the herb that suits you or dare to combine some of them. Smell rosemary, drink mint tea, find a supplement with Bacopa, Ginkgo biloba or Gotu kola and enter confidently the exam room!

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